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  • Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft And The Success Of Microsoft

    The Microsoft Corporation is one of the most successful businesses in history. Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, is one of the richest men in the world. With a net worth of $16.8 billion dollars (, the company has many people asking the question "what makes Microsoft so successful?" The answer to that lies between innovation, the growing demand of technology, and timing. The prosperity of the Microsoft Corporation began with an idea. Bill Gates and Paul G Allen converted BASIC (a computer language) into a program that could be used on personal computers (PCs) in 1975 (Encyclopedia Britannica). The entrepreneurs furthered their software development into creating Windows 95. This program matched up easily with Apple…

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  • Microsoft Ethics Case: Microsoft And The Multination Company

    Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multination company that develops and provides computer software and many other electronics services. Microsoft is a very huge company that operating in almost every part of the world. The company’s headquarter is in Redmond, Washington. However, in every country that Microsoft operates, there would also be headquarter in that country too. Because they operate in many different countries in the world, they have to make sure that their work will not…

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  • Opportunities And Threats Of Microsoft

    Environment Microsoft has many opportunities and threats in the external environments that they need to keep abreast of. As competition continues to expand product and service lines, Microsoft will need to keep abreast of any these changes. By continually monitoring external competition as well as looking for opportunities for product and service improvement, Microsoft can continue to remain a leader in the information technology field. A threat in the external environment for Microsoft…

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  • The Importance Of Microsoft IT Certification

    interviewed with a company, but they did not offer me a position. I found that my resume lacked the education to support my experience, so I decided to pursue a Microsoft IT certification. Eighteen months later, I completed earning an MCSA certification in Windows Server. I interviewed with the same company a few weeks later, and with the new certification on my resume I received a job offer. While my own experience showed that an IT certification leads to better job prospects, my research backs…

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  • Microsoft Annual Report: Annual Analysis Of Microsoft Corporation

    Microsoft Background Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in April of 1975. According to the company’s NAICS code, the corporation primarily participates in the production and distribution of computer related software. Their revenue stream for 1975 was approximately 16,000 and they had a total of three employees. Bill Gates served as the CEO for Microsoft until 2000 and is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He is well known for his philanthropy. Microsoft Corporation has…

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  • Microsoft Case Study

    Microsoft had a big break in the 1980’s when IBM began to develop the first Personal Computer, also known as a PC. IBM had asked Microsoft to sign a contract with them in order for IBM to gain a workable program for the PC and provide an operating system. Microsoft took the contract and created the world’s leading PC for IBM. After a few other contracts Microsoft bought the PC from IBM and soon out sold their products. Microsoft now had the PC’s and the software to compete and beat all the…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Microsoft

    Technology in the world today is changing as fast as data travels through its fiber optic transport cables. Microsoft has been in the industry from the beginning of the personnel computer boom and has had many ventures along its path. It began in 1975 when Bill Gates and Paul Allen successfully manipulated a software program that was meant for use on main frame servers and modified it to be used on personal computers. This was the beginning of what we know today as Microsoft and through the…

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  • Microsoft Case Study

    Gates licensed MS-DOS to IBM, which it had acquired from a local computer manufacturer. The story of how Microsoft acquired the original system (QDOS) has inspired much folklore, which often portrays Gates pouncing on a trivial mistake by Digital Research and stealing that company's lead in microcomputer operating systems. It is frequently cited by those who accuse Gates of unethical business practices. In reality, IBM did approach Digital Research for a version of CP/M for its upcoming IBM PC,…

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  • Ethnographic Analysis Of Microsoft

    Ethnographic Method Throughout the modern world, technology companies are shaping the way people live their lives. One of those companies is Microsoft. Back then, Paul Allen and Bill Gates created a partnership called Microsoft in 1975. Paul Allen and Bill Gates’ vision in 1975 was that a computer should be placed on every desktop and in every home. Their vision has changed into a mission. Their mission now is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Now,…

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  • Cost Analysis Of Microsoft

    John Dudivisikiy (2015, [online]) argues that new start-up companies coming into the computer industry are unlikely to threaten Microsoft because Microsoft operates globally with huge cost effectiveness derived from economics of scale. Start-up companies are unlikely to have the funds with which to compete. Start-up companies are unlikely to have the huge funding and economics of scale along with the technical knowhow required to compete with such a huge global company such as Microsoft…

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