The Internet Has Always Been Apart Of Our Life

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The internet has always been apart of our lives. In today’s society we use the internet to find anything. Whether it is watching movies, finding directions, or just looking for research. The internet has evolved so much throughout the years, and because of this it makes it easier to be able to find anything out. Apple is one of the biggest products that anyone uses. Seems like anyone you talk to either has an iPhone or something to do with an apple product. Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs worked together on every project they had in high school. Now being graduated they still work together and make up projects. They both were interested in electronics and that’s how they became friends. They both had been known as outsiders their whole life and probably still does today. Both Steven’s decided that college wasn’t for them so they both dropped out, and decided to work for companies in Silicon Valley. Even though everyone always gives Steven Jobs all the credit, Steven …show more content…
You grow up learning how to use microsoft. In 1970 at work they had to rely on typewriters. Bill Gates and Paul Allen see that personal computing is a path to the future. I believe in this 100% because anything we do today and in the near future will have something to do with a computer. Like most start-ups, microsoft begins small, but like most programs it has a huge vision. Microsoft is on every computer software in over 90% of homes. Just like apple microsoft has been changing and will continue to change throughout the years. In June 1980 Gates and Allen hire former Harvard classmate Steve Ballmer to help run the company more efficient. The next month after that IBM approaches Microsoft about chess. Two years later in 1982 Microsoft works on the first version of a new operating system Interface Manager. Which people still use today. It is the most efficient program that Microsoft had

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