Ethnographic Analysis In The Workplace

Ethnographic Method

Throughout the modern world, technology companies are shaping the way people live their lives. One of those companies is Microsoft. Back then, Paul Allen and Bill Gates created a partnership called Microsoft in 1975. Paul Allen and Bill Gates’ vision in 1975 was that a computer should be placed on every desktop and in every home. Their vision has changed into a mission. Their mission now is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Now, Microsoft is the leading platform and Productivity Company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world.

Some of my classmates and I formed a research group. My research group was allowed to observe the offices of Microsoft. My research group visited Microsoft’s
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– Go home after work and relax. Maybe he would continue his work or meet up his girlfriend.

Ethnographic analysis of the Workplace

After my interview with Antuan, he said something that caught my attention. He said that he chooses where he wants to work for the day. That seemed weird because I generalized and thought that every worker had that privilege. However, that was not the case. They were many stationary workers. Observing the stationary workers’ workspace, I noticed a theme of personalization. The workplace was full of color and energy. At

Microsoft, an employee had a captain America hat that you can infer that he like superheroes, he has a son that likes superhero or it has sentimental value to him. All my inference puts a smile on my face while walking around because I wasn’t going to interview an average person, but a unique person with love and desire. If an intern were to work here for a couple of weeks, it would be interesting because of the people he/she will
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That theme was interaction and I found that theme in the coffee room. The coffee room was a bright white place where you can sit and mingle. People came and go, but there was a lot more communication in there. Two women walked in and I turned on my spy mode. They talked about Instagram and texting each other. This shows how there is interaction in the coffee room, outside, and social media but not in the workplace. This brings up my question of why don 't the employees don 't interact with each other but with consumers. I realized that I asked the wrong question. The right question should have been about your interaction outside of the workplace and inside all together. In addition, I interview a man named Henry a question. I asked, "How well are you connected with your co-workers?" Henry said that he is fairly connected with his co-workers. He talks to his co-workers face-to-face outside of work, skype at home sometimes, and communicate through email, social media such as

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