Compare And Contrast Steve Jobs Wozniak

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Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, and like all great things, it had a beginning, and it started out with only two brave men who decided to take risks. These risks paid off, as Apple is now worth over $700 billion, but there was more than meets the eye to these entrepreneurs. I think that they had their similarities and their differences, but were able to come together to create the largest computer company in the world. However, there were obstacles in the way, and some were caused by the differences in Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Though Steve Jobs wasn’t the creator of Apple’s first computer, he did create the gargantuan company of today, and the right brain side of it. When Apple was founded in 1976, he was like any other
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For example, it was their similarities that started Apple in the first place. They both had an interest in computers and loved making them. I think that this love of computers bonded the two men, causing them to start the technology company, Apple. Another example is that the differences caused Wozniak to quit Apple in 1983. Soon after, Jobs was removed from Apple. I believe that these events are what caused Apple’s downfall, and it was all because of the differences in these two men. Their similarities and differences gave some positive and negative effects to …show more content…
However, they also had their differences, like sharing stock with their employees. These caused some pretty harsh effects on Apple. It even caused the downfall of Apple. Luckily, Apple was able to get back on its feet when Steve Jobs came back, but Apple would be even better if Jobs’s and Wozniak’s arguments hadn’t occurred. These men were a sharp contrast to each other, but were still able to pull off the creation of the technology giant we know today. Apple has completely changed the world around, and it is because these two people used their similarities to start

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