Influence Of People Vs. Advertisements

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People Vs. Advertisements
Many people will go to the store and look for items to buy that have been seen on T.V all around the world, but What do these advertisements really mean? How do advertisements create an image for men, women or even children? What does it represent? Knowing it reflects the fears that have proven the insecurities of being constantly told in advertisements, how men and women should be and occasionally being scammed into buying these products that also may not even work first of all. Believing this is true since, people as myself buy these products that just because we see on Ad’s and we see that they advertise them to be a good product then specially you see your favorite celebrity/idles that you admire in these ad’s
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This is because, celebrities send a message to people/the consumer about the product they are sponsoring. Celebrities are the representation of being liked, rich, or even how famous they are. People admire these celebrities who like the same product that they “seem” to like but honestly don’t really like the product their just in it for the money. In the essay, Master of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising. Jack Solomon states, “Various advertisements may say different things depending on their intended audience, but in every case they say something about America, about the status of our hopes, desires, and beliefs.” (page. 168) Solomon explain reason in why we buy the products shown in advertisement and the affect in people about how the products we buy and want. The celebrity that is shown in the ads create the attention in the product that consumer look for to buy. The sellers come and create all these different ideas into how to get the consumer to buy the product. Solomon also states, “The very language today’s advertisement is charged with sexual product in the more innocent fifties were new and Improved…” (page.172) Companies today have ads in ways you can imagine. There is very unusual advertisement that many people see, …show more content…
Advertisements shown are based on what the channel is about for example, McDonalds their commercials are shown in kid based T.V programs by trying to get children’s attention into buying their product by placing toys in their happy meals, yeah I know other fast food industries have toys as well buy McDonalds that’s what is based on and the Ronald McDonalds as well. In the essay Selling to Children: The Marketing of Cool, Juliet B. Schor states, “Nickelodeon has become one of the nation’s profitable networks. In the process it has remade children’s programing and advertising.” (page.222) According to Schor, what she trying to state is that Nickelodeon has done a good job in offering a ton of programs that are age related for children that they find interesting which they’ll then have a good amount of children watching. But once it come to the topic of advertisement most of us rarely agree that advertisement is a way to attract people in buying their product. One argument that tends to follow each year is the amount of time children get in free play. Juliet B. Schor amplifies, “Kids

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