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  • When Sysadmins Ruled The Earth Analysis

    It’s quite logical: who would survive a biological terrorist attack? Those in places that are airtight, climate controlled, battery packed, and otherwise hermetically sealed centers. In Cory Doctorow’s When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth, Felix and his sysadmin coworkers do what they do best in a post-apocalyptic world after a bioweapon puts an end to their society. They are quarantined in their data center with dwindling supplies and the looming realization that everyone they know is dead. Doctorow…

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  • Movies And Values: The Death Of Gordie's Brothers

    The character was overlook because he is not alive, but he played an important role in Gordie’s life. The standard that he must meet so he can be taken into consideration by his parents. Denny was the special child, the football player, the popular guy. By the time Gordie was born Danny was ten, but unlike his brother, Gordie was not a miracle child, he was more of a burden to the family. This hate towards Gordy is not portrayed in depth in the movie. The brothers did not share a special bond…

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  • Ethics: As For The Right Way By Friedrich Nietzsche

    For example, a person who only believes in normative ethics would use the word “killing” to describe all acts that result in death (ranging from ordering 2000 men to fight in a war; all the way to murdering someone with a knife). However, someone who uses applied…

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  • Symbolism In Savannah Carpenter

    Is the place you call home actually your ‘home’? In the story “Illinois” the author, Savannah Carpenter uses imagery, personification and point of view to develop and express the idea that at times, places, where you feel most accepted and belonged, may not be the place you call home. Carpenter sets the story in Illinois with the main character working as a bricklayer named Ken. Ken has been in the town his whole life and is accepted and loved by the town, even so, he always thought of the ocean…

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  • Character Analysis Of Dante's Inferno

    Inferno Inferno starts off on Good Friday in the year 1300. The main character, 35-year-old Dante Alighieri has “lost his path” and now wanders through a dark wood forest. He sees the sun shine down on the top of a mountain and he attempts to reach it. His attempt fails as he is threatened by three animals: a leopard, lion, and a she-wolf. Frightened and helpless he returns back to the woods. He then encounters the spirit of Virgil, Dante’s idol and a great Roman poet. He is there to help…

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  • The Themes Of A Totalitarian Government In 1984 By George Orwell

    downfall of every powerful person or organization. Orwell shows the fear in the hearts of people which causes people to not lead a revolt including Winston himself. For example, Winston did not like it when the government would change the facts, but Winston kept on working in this department and he changed the facts as well. For example to hide a person and the deed of the government, Winston comes up with a fictitious person Comrade Ogilvy. It says,” Comrade Ogilvy, unimagined an hour ago was…

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  • Visions And Similes In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    life is a limitless stream of days that have diminutive joining or meaning. It tells the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place in search of new employment opportunities during the Great Depression in California,…

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  • What Is Symbolism In Catcher In The Rye

    Protection Through Depression “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear” (C.S Lewis). In the novel Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, the protagonist, Holden Caulfield, faces severe emotional struggles that are reflected through his actions after his younger brother’s death. An important symbol in the novel is Allie’s baseball glove, and it symbolizes Holden’s deep grief and love for his brother, Allie. Though grief is significantly represented throughout the novel, Holden’s…

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  • The Importance Of Ethical Issues

    This paper will summarize a current event related to an ethical issue, and the ethical issue will be clearly identified. Then, ethical theory will be applied to show how to resolve the ethical issue. The descriptive, prescriptive, and applied aspects will also be identified in relation to the given ethical issue. The majority perspective and the consequences will be discussed in detail. Finally, the paper will discuss if the majority perspective would change in a different culture and, if so…

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  • The Red Wheelbarrow Poem Analysis Essay

    the development of the imagist movement in the poetry, the free verse and the clarity of expression as well as clear language came to the foreground. The poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams is one of the best examples of true imagist poem since it places value on the simplicity of the created image and on the imagery in general, instead of prioritizing some abstract ideas and sophisticated words. The most important point in the poem is the picture of the farm that arises in…

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