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  • Only Ten By Allan Baillie Summary

    the metaphors, allusions, descriptive language and onomatopoeia. The imagery makes a piece of work more realistic and helps the reader to visualise and experience the authors writing in depth. An example of imagery is when Baillie writes “The main scar, a bloodless seam, ran from his right shoulder to his left hip. The second scar was a second, bellybutton punched in his side. Marks of shrapnel and a bullet. A soldier’s wounds.” In the example, the author uses descriptive language such as…

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  • Reflection On Formative Assessment

    of formative assessment. General results from the interview showed that all of 4 teachers have positive attitude towards formative assessment. They strongly agree that formative assessment have positive effect on teaching and learning process. For example, teacher A said that: I strongly believe that using formative assessment is good for my teaching as well as my students’ learning. Teacher B also stressed that: In my opinion, formative assessment can benefit both students and teachers;…

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  • Thank You For Arguing Summary

    Heinrichs uses ancient rhetoric concepts and techniques in his writing, putting a modern twist on them with great examples that is easy for anyone to understand. There are three main parts in Thank You For Arguing, Part one: Offense, Part two: Defense, and Part three: Advanced Offense. Part one: Offense teaches us about the basics of arguing, including the three individual…

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  • School To Prison Recidivism

    correlate with the subject manner. Further on, correlational analysis seeks to identify the relationships between the object of study and something else. It would illustrate the relationship between two variables whether directly or inversely. For example, I would illustrate how zero tolerance policies effect a discriminated student versus a student whom is in a supportive environment. This allows us to further see why these variables happen. Lastly, exploratory, or causal analysis seeks to…

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  • Egoism, Kantian Ethics, And Divine Command Theory

    For example, some argue whether practices indigenous to a certain country are moral or immoral. But, nobody is able to actually determine what is right and wrong in the world. Cultural Relativisms importance is especially evident when one is regarding a cultures…

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  • Why I Came To Deaf Essay

    Language- The Language of the Deaf Community, Holcomb analyzes the language in two approaches that are prescriptive or descriptive. He defines prescriptive as the rules of any given language, and descriptive as the rules of ASL and how people use the language. For example American Sign Language is used more traditionally in a descriptive form in the Deaf culture. Holcomb states, “a descriptive model… constitutes a description of how ASL is used by Def people today” (Holcomb 127). Karen Payne…

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  • Normative And Descriptive In Sun Tzu's The Art Of War

    Normative vs. Descriptive Why Sun Tzu’s moral law could still lead to the destruction of world? The Art of War is one of the most influential military treatises in the world, it precisely details the necessary factors to win a war in just thirteen chapters, which is probably the reason that, even in contemporary history, this book is still considered as the reference or guide in the battlefield. In this way, The Art of War is undeniably a successful battle book, and Sun Tzu a talented…

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  • Analysis Of Iris Marion Young's Inclusion And Democracy

    voices her views on the lack of equality in our society in her book, Inclusion and Democracy. Young asks us to rethink the idea of a descriptive democracy, which is where elected representative in democracies should represent not only the expressed preferences of their constituents. In a descriptive democracy, representatives should also represent the descriptive characteristics that are politically relevant like occupation, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. Not all groups of people in our…

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  • Hidden Camera Investigation Case Study

    Babies, who have a higher physical attractiveness, receive more attention. They are defined as cuter, they are held more, touched more, and spoken to more. 6. Justice is not blind to beauty Mostly Descriptive or Prescriptive Issue? This is mostly a ____Descriptive____ issue. How do you know? The author doesn’t explicitly tell you if this issue is right or wrong, good or bad, but states this issue is happening right now and has been happening and will…

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  • Descriptive Or Experimental Study

    1.3: Indicate whether each of the studies described below is a descriptive or experimental study, and what could be learned from these. An experimental study describes a situation in which a procedure — or experiment — is purposely introduced to a situation to determine the outcome (Nedha). Whereas a descriptive study describes a natural situation which is studied for observation without any interference (Nedha). If Instructors were to give three groups of children different types of computer…

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