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1,150 miles of nothing but ice cold snow, and determination. This is the reality of the Iditarod, a race the main character of my book Gary Paulsen competes in. This race takes place in Alaska where elite runners face the hardest terrain in the world and cover 1,150 miles of land with their dogs. In this book, Gary starts training with practically no experience and no racing dogs to run the longest race in existence but, ends up not only running the race once but twice and wins the second time. This shows the determination of Paulsen along with his refusal to give up. Some of the challenges he will face are mental blocks and trying not give up along with other challenges of finding dogs to run and training. Winterdance addresses the hardships of running the Iditarod, the fight for survival while being very simple, descriptive, and serious.
Gary Paulsen wrote the book Winterdance to inform the readers of the survival aspect of competing in this race in the book he shows some of these
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Gary often uses words that help create images in your mind just like in this quote "I was now in the position of going rabbit hunting sitting on a rusty 1957 Schwinn with a chrome tank and tattered handlebar tassels, being pulled through thick forest by five dogs," (66). This quote creates an image in you'd head of the chrome tank in the forest using words duh as tattered, rusty and thick. Another example of Gary Paulsen using words that create imagery are in the quote “It was sharp defined like needles and I awakened to a thin shaft of a light bulb bright white light drilling directly into my eyes through a hole between duberry who was on my head” in this sentence instead of saying the lights was shining in my eye he said “to a thin shaft of a light bulb bright white light drilling directly into my eyes”(74). Gary Paulsen uses words that create vivid pictures in you mind using the literary technique of

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