Career as Cosmetologist Essay

  • Being A Cosmetologist: A Career As A Career

    Being a cosmetologist involves providing beauty services; Shampooing, coloring, styling, and cutting hair. I may also provide makeup; dress wigs, and provides nail/skin care services. Most of the duties that I would be doing are cutting hair, coloring, and styling. Cosmetologists are usually on their feet and are always moving. To become a cosmetologist, I must go to a cosmetology school, which I am going to; it is Mid-America Technology Center (Vo-tech). I get on the job training there and I basically visit the job setting every day, a salon they have one there at Vo-tech. I also shadow my teacher there because she teaches us how to do stuff and basically I watch the other cosmetologist work in the salon. It is really awesome to see and watch what the other cosmetologist can do for the clients and watch how much the clients love it. There are the physical demands of being a cosmetologist though, I have to be standing on my feet all day and use my hands nonstop. I must have people skills and be willing to tell clients what they should do, if I want to be successful in this career. I also have to be outgoing and be ready to deal with…

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  • A Career And The Career Of A Cosmetologist

    A Cosmetologist is a person whom specializes in the application of beauty or cosmetic treatment. Not only does a cosmetologist have to know how to do hair but, he or she must also have good customer service skills and be willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy a client. This is all taught in cosmetology school, in which I will mention in my essay. In my research I have also found that becoming a cosmetologist can be rewarding. When I say rewarding, I’m referring to the excitement of making a…

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  • The Career Of A Cosmetology Career

    The career that I have chosen to pursue is a cosmetology career. I chose this career because I like to make others feel good about themselves. I love knowing that when I leave the salon, I feel good about myself, therefore I know that others do too. What draws me into this career is not only can you expand anything you thought you knew about cosmetology, you will always learn new things. You can learn different ways to do hair and makeup. Of course there are other things you can learn too. Plus,…

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  • Importance Of Mortuary Cosmetology

    handle being a mortuary cosmetologist? That is the question that comes to mind when I think of my future career. Mortuary cosmetology does include a lot of procedures and real life training. It is a relatively new career option that dates back to the late 1970s and I admit, it can be a scary job. It is a job that pays though. So, the question I really need to ask is, is it worth it? In mortuary cosmetology you prepare the deceased for the viewing and you may need to provide comfort for the…

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  • I Want To Become A Career In Kabul Beauty School By Debbie Rodriguez

    Kabul Beauty School As a kid you never knew what you wanted to pursue a career in, one minute you wanted to be a doctor the next minute you wanted to be a teacher. Some people now that they are older still don’t know what they want to pursue a career in, I on the other hand have figured out the career path I want to take and that’d be Cosmetology. My nonfiction book I read, was Kabul Beauty School by Debbie Rodriguez, with the help of reading this book I know for a fact now that Cosmetology…

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  • A Career For A Career In Cosmetology

    Introduction Paragraph: The career I am doing for this project is Cosmetology. I chose this career because I’m in cosmetology at Apollo Career Center and I love learning and knowing about Cosmetology. I hope to learn more about what it is really like to work in an actual salon. I want to learn more about time management and the income and outcome of money of a salon. Also, I want to know how to run a salon. Career Information: My work condition will be in an indoor building with stations to work…

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  • The Life Of A Cosmetologist

    part of society, enhancing or modifying certain features has been a part of what is considered beautiful. A strong point I have in this business is make-up. My main goal is to do editorial work for the fashion industry and films. With taking the humans simple form and enhancing the person’s appearance using cosmetics, with the help of cosmetologist to create effects and characters (“Makeup Artist Job Description”). People may think it’s just hair, but there’s more to it and can lead to more…

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  • Benefits Of A Career In Cosmetology

    techniques for caring of the hair, nails, and skin. Experience is just as important in business as education, many positions require a bachelor’s degree just to get a foot in the door. Retail owners need good business sense and strong customer service with public relation skills. Cosmetologists held about 628,000 different jobs as of this year, self-employed cosmetologists usually work longer hours. Careers in Cosmetology are better than careers in Business because the opportunities are better,…

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  • The Benefits Of Becoming A Cosmetology

    to play with hair and create fun new looks with my sister’s hair and that was when I truly fell in love with cosmetology. When I heard that you were able to take hair and add product to make hair a different texture and color absolutely amazed me. Becoming a cosmetologist has many different steps. In order to become a cosmetologist you must pass the state board exam, which includes a practical exam and a written exam. To get your cosmetology license you must be 17 years of age or older and…

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  • Career Essay: My Future Career As A Cosmetology

    My Future Career As a child we always had an opportunity to be anything we wanted, almost all of us chose to be a doctor, but as we grew older those decisions changed for most of us. As for me it has always been the same from doing my moms hair, to doing hair on barbies i knew that 's what i wanted to do. I didn 't expect to still be inspired to be a cosmetologist but here i am now, 10 years later taking beauty classes in high school and doing anything to make my dream come true. Growing up i…

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