Internship with Police Department Essay

  • Responsibilities Of Police Officers

    Police officers enforce laws to protect people and their property. This job force can be very stressful, it generally consists of routine patrol duties, going to dangerous calls, investigation and traffic stops. Being a police officer is very demanding, it will make you emotionally and physically tired. It is a demanding and challenging career. A police officer’s duty is to maintain public order, preventing crime. Police officers typically work within a specific jurisdiction on a local, state or federal level and obligated to work within the limits of the law. They must live up to great exceptions, you must have great responsibility and integrity to become a police officer. Municipal police officers are to enforce laws in a town or city. Municipal police officers are controlled by the local government. The main goal of the municipal police is community policing. Municipal police officers are usually limited to their town jurisdiction. Sheriff officers are to enforce state laws at the county level. Sheriff officers can serve warrants, summons and respond to calls. Sheriff officers can enforce laws in the county or state. State police…

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  • Reflection Paper On The Thomasville Police Department

    During the summer of 2016, I worked an internship with the Thomasville Police Department. The main idea behind this internship was to gain exposure to law enforcement and learn what a career as a police officer is like on a daily basis. During my internship I was able to ride with all four of the patrol units, which I enjoyed the most because that is what I am hoping to do after graduation. However, I was also able to observe the Criminal Investigation Division, as well as, ride with the…

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  • Internship Interflection

    My internship was performed at the Madison Police Department in Madison, Wisconsin. The Madison Police Department is comprised of over 400 sworn officers, which cover five districts with an estimated population of 250,000 people. The districts include: (1) North; (2) South; (3) West; (4) East; and (5) Central. In addition, a new sixth Midtown District is set to open in 2017. My primary duty location was at the West District working with the Community Policing Team (CPT). However, while my…

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  • Finance Internship Essay Example

    I am interning at the Finance Department of the City of Tacoma. I obtained this position through the school’s Institution-to-Institution Pair Internship program. The finance internship opportunity is a joint effort between the City of Tacoma and the University of WA, Tacoma. The purpose of this finance internship is for students to gain an understanding of how organizations analyze needs for finance functions and how programs and processes are implemented. My internship is a part-time, weekly…

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  • Theories Of Criminology And Psychology Perspectives

    Introduction I chose to conduct my internship with the city of Syracuse police department. During my internship I have studied and applied three main theories that relate to the city of Syracuse and the work involved with the police officers. The theories supporting the research and experiences gained are broken down from criminology and psychology perspectives. The four theories explained in this paper are, broken windows theory, social learning theory, conflict theory and rational choice…

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  • Personal Autobiography: My Passion For Law Enforcement

    I wanted to be more versatile in the agency by assisting other departments. Coincidentally, as I was talking to my supervisor, he said, “this internship is a two way street; you are here to help us and we are here to help you, so if you would like to experience another unit, do not be afraid to tell me.” I felt such relief because I immediately told him that I wanted to sit in on intake with the investigator, and to be a part of mediation: process to settlement. I got the opportunity to sit in…

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  • Narrative Experience Of Working For The Travis County Constables Office

    Working for the Travis County Constables office was an amazing experience. There are five different precincts in Travis County, but the particular office that I worked for was Precinct Two. The main things that they handle are civil matters such as property evictions and unpaid child support. There are three different departments warrant, civil, and civil/juvenile court. On average they see 4,000 warrants a year and make about $1,000,000. They process 5,700 civil papers a year and the average…

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  • Bibb County Sheriff Department Case Study

    Introduction My last semester at Middle Georgia State University as an undergraduate student was filled with a wonderful opportunity to intern with the Bibb County Sheriff Department. My internship experienced was supervised under the leadership of Cindy Gresham, the executive assistant of the agency. Historically, social control in Bibb County was maintained by two separate entities, the Bibb County Sheriff Department and the former Macon Police Department. There were multiple attempts to…

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  • The Concept Of Diversity In Social Work

    Individuals are diverse; this concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. While working in the field of social work, as a social worker, it is important in understanding each individual’s character with respect to behavior, attitude, tolerance level and approach. When working with the League City Police Department Crime Victim Advocate, I have learned to recognize and respect each victim’s differences. The important aspect is understanding each colleague and clients and moving…

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  • Reflection Paper On Law Enforcement

    For my Internship for Iowa Lakes Community College Criminal Justice with the Spirit Lake Police Department I have done a total of 194 hours. I feel like everyone should have a chance at doing an internship before they into the field of law enforcement. The reason that is you learn so much more about how fast things happen and what it’s really all about. School can teach you what you need to know and helps you prepare to get into the field. But being able to be in the field you learn really about…

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