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  • The Pequot War Analysis

    the English Colonists and Pequot tribe. Many scholars and historians have had difficulty explaining why the war had occurred in the first place. Some say it was for religious reasons, while others say it was so that the English could take over the market. Katherine A. Grandjean, who is an assistant professor of history at Wellesley College, argues in her article “New World Tempests: Environment, Scarcity, and the Coming of the Pequot War” that “to a degree not yet grasped, food scarcity directly preceded much of the violence that characterized English colonization” (Grandjean, 2011, p. 75). Grandjean states that the pattern of food scarcity correlating with violence can apply to the Pequot War. The reason…

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  • Essay On Why The Pomwhatan And The English Were Enemies

    Before the English settlers and Powhatan Indians became enemies, the English started to explore during the 1500s-1600s. This essay is about why the Powhatan and the English became enemies and the reasons why they were. Both became enemies because of land conflict, the starving time, and the enslavement of the Powhatan. To begin with, one reason why the Powhatan and the English are enemies is because of land conflict. They made treaties with each other but the English took all of the…

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  • Healthy Food Assignment

    This unit is called “Healthy Food”. Students will watch authentic videos about healthy food, food groups, Arabic healthy food recipes, and middle eastern tradition food in the target language. They will watch short videos and listen to songs that show Arab people talk and sing about food groups, healthy food, recipes, and tradition food. Students will understand the spoken language and try to recognize the new vocabularies that will be used in these authentic texts. Students will read an article…

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  • My Two Sides American And Honduran

    different background; I get to learn two different language English and Spanish. I get to know my American culture and my Honduran culture. It is not always easy being Hispanic American. A good reason being born in the United States is that I have more opportunities here. The downside is that I did not get to grow up knowing Honduras for myself and not from my parents’ point of view. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being from both places, and I am very happy I was born in the United States. But…

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  • The Impact Of Collonization On America

    of what is now North America. They brought with them all aspects of life; language, religion, festivals, food, etc. As we all know, Christopher Columbus set sail West to find India in 1492. He ended up finding the Americas. After Columbus found the West Indies, he and other conquistadors made expeditions across the Atlantic and began colonizing both North and South America. In 1494, Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, where the two countries agreed on the lands in the…

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  • The Importance Of Professional Football In Israel

    January 2014 I was already filling out the papers to join an English course in Houston Texas when I receive a proposal to play professional football in Israel, as it was my dream I did not think twice, my family was afraid the first question of my Father was worth it plays in the middle of the war and if I was not afraid to die, my fiancée supported me because she knew it was my dream and my mother knew she would not be able to stop me. I left all fears behind and I was confident everything…

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  • Essay About Filipino Culture

    Various states are widely populated by Filipinos who have adapted some of the U.S. cultures. These influences their practices, beliefs, and perception toward health. For example, Filipinos who are used to eating fish, vegetables, and whole grains are now eating unhealthy and processed foods available from fast foods and groceries (Serafica, 2011). Some Filipinos continue to eat their traditional meals, and some combine traditional meals with Western meals. This shift from eating healthier foods…

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  • Cannibalism And Abundance In Colonial Jamestown Analysis

    of the events were published, and how the English interpreted these narratives. Historians have turned their attention to analyzing the potential motives of the five main accounts of the events in Jamestown, with relation to what was happening in the context before and after the…

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  • Essay On Differences Between Jamestown And Plymouth Colonies

    As the second year approached for Jamestown Colony the economy in trading for food became a fairer trade, due to the colony receiving more of the harvest of corn, squash, and other veggies, as well as fish and other meats that had been hunted. The Jamestown Colony would later enrich their economy with the harvest of tobacco and the profit it reaped in for them. The Plymouth Colony had a greater economy with the profits of the sales of beaver fur, timber and building ships. The colony built farms…

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  • Summary Of Pocahontas Revealed

    revealing the true history of the relationship between the English and the Native Americans in early Virginia. Because all the the facts were proved with the help of science, it adds validity and can confirm many facts and a majority of the information during that time. The documentary provided much insight on the relationship between the English and the Native Americans in early Virginia. I was very interested in some of the Native American traditions. One of the traditions I found especially…

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