What Is Ethiopian Food?

I think I eat more healthy here, at least than when growing up. When I was growing up, my dad had a large influence over what we ate. My Dad is English and he is meat, potatoes and cream sauce every night. My mom is quite healthy and she would like make herself a salad and then make a meal for us. When I went vegan, my mom stopped cooking because I would eat this, my mom would eat this and my dad would eat this.

Now when I go home, I usually just cook really simple things for myself because I am too lazy to spend too much time on cooking just for me. I will just make some tofu or something simple, but definitely between growing up and now, I eat much healthier.

Hannah: Any big changes for any of you, in terms of culture, or big dietary
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I’ve had Mexican friends and they are like, oh my God, but it is almost nearly the same, because they use natural sugar there too and it almost tastes the same. So, I think that the biggest difference would be that I just don’t eat as much different food now, it will be maybe once every two to three weeks. Every time I go home, I try to ask for it.

Georgie: What is Ethiopian food?

Nabil: That is a great questions. It has lots of different influences and it just depends. Most of the time when you ask for Ethiopian food and when you go to Ethiopia, there is actually little Ethiopian that I like, so if you can there. It is actually really vegan friendly.

Georgie: I heard that and my friend who is Vegan went there and said it’s a plate full of veggies.

Nabil: Yeah and we typically eat together, so it will be like a big circle with what you call bread, but we see it differently and call it Injera and that is like our bread and pita kind of thing. It is thinner and a little bit sour. You put all different vegetables and sauces on it and then you break the bread and wrap it in the sauce or whatever you want and just eat. You can kind of relate it to Indian food because you have the similar kind of sauces and
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Georgie: I have never read a food magazine or any of that. I think I know enough about food.

Nabil: Lately, whenever I eat lunch or dinner, I watch food documentaries about cooking or chefs and all of that stuff. Yesterday I was watching something I couldn’t finish my dinner because of all the chemicals that are in food and everything.

In Europe you don’t have that and they went on strike because they were going to put chemically flavored ice creams, so you can only imagine what they would do for regular foods. It was just like, oh my God, all of this stuff is in my food and we don’t really have control over it. So, lately I have been watching food documentaries and it’s been interesting.

Julia: So, the movies and documentaries, a lot when I was growing up, when I was bored I would just watch the food network and that was less about health, but so I had this mix of health information and cooking information. I have watched the food network for hours and hours and because I got interested in it, I started actively seeking out research on food nutrition and I spend a lot of my time reading and learning about that kind of thing.

Hannah: Do you take classes at

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