Omnivorous Vs Vegetarian Essay

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Lifestyle Superiority

The debacle between omnivorous and vegetarian diets has been in effect for several years trying to determine which diet is superior to the other, and there are many factors that contribute to each. The omnivorous diet consists of consuming both meat and plant-based foods for a “well-balanced” diet. This diet allows for the consumer to gain necessary proteins and vitamins to help the body function and grow. It also helps in the process of muscle growth and health. A vegetarian diet is comprised of plant-based meals, cutting out any meats from ordinary diets. This diet is beneficial for those who partake in it because of its ability to reduce the risk of diseases that are commonly discovered in results of omnivorous diets. Some religions make it necessary for many to participate in a vegetarian diet because of the “unclean meat”. A vegetarian diet is also said to be far less costly than that of the omnivore diet, which is one of the biggest reasons people choose
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With the many different forms of vegetarianism, there are specific foods that some will consume and other foods that would be rejected. A Lacto-ovo Vegetarian would avoid meats like any vegetarian, but they would be open to consume dairy products and eggs. Similarly, a Lacto Vegetarian would avoid meats and consume dairy products, but would be against eating eggs as they would be categorized as an animal in the process of growing. The most common type of vegetarian is known as a Vegan, which is a complete vegetarian or a vegetarian that only consumes plant-based foods, avoiding all products deriving from animals. All of the individual types of vegetarian diets keep the main goal and idea of vegetarianism being that meat is a substance that is avoided with little to no

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