Meat Vs Vegetarian Essay

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The Meat Industry verses Being a Vegetarian
Do you know where the meat we all eat come from? This is something we all need to think about when we cook a nice juicy steak or going to your local McDonald’s for a Big Mac. Eating meat could be seen as being wasteful since it takes a lot of plants, which we know as a crop, can produce a small amount of meat. When people do a meat based diet is high in fats and cholesterol these are killers and bad for your health, verses a vegetarian diet, it offers a lot of good stuff such as minerals, vitamins (tons of it), good proteins and fibrous indigestible materials.
I believe that meat is a very wasteful use of resources and its clauses hunger and poverty. Studies show that a large amount of grain to feed livestock, this is upsetting because people are going hungry. The number amount of crops and feed fed to this livestock, could feed humans. Did you know to produce meat from beef that it consumed 2,700 pounds of grain and the animal have to weigh 1,050 pounds? Beef is one of unhealthy consumed by Americans. Eating any type of meat can cause breast cancer, heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and osteoporosis. Americans are the highest meat
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He always advised others to become vegetarians. “Living a vegetarian life can help make you healthy, but more handsome and intelligent than anyone who eat meat.” A lot of people don’t know what a vegetarian is. I define the word vegetarian as person who refrain from eating meat, but choose to eat diary and/or fish. The bad thing about being a vegetarian is it makes you passed gas, but the good thing is it makes you feel healthy. I notice with meat eaters that a lot of them have smelly breath and it makes them sweat a lot more. Also being a vegetarian you have to take care of yourself, like making sure you are taking in the correct number amount of vitamins and protein and making sure you don’t go into hunger

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