Analysis Of Ann Hodgman's No Wonder They Call Me A Bitch

Eating dog food for dinner. What a revolting idea to many, but in Ann Hodgman’s “No Wonder
They Call Me a Bitch”, that is exactly what our minds palate is in store for. Hodgman spins a tale of selecting many different brands of dog food to try out as her bemused and hungry dog looks on. She attempts to inform her readers about the many styles of dog food and at the same time make them laugh at her reactions to each bite. Hodgman is writing not only for people who love dogs but to anyone who has ever wondered if someone really would eat dog food. The comic tone that the author takes throughout the story helps her create a bond with her readers, who are by the end shaking their heads in wonderment and asking themselves did she really
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How certain are we that what food we are eating is it any better than the dog food we are feeding to floppy or mops. Reading the essay, I was in awe of how she describes the meat with its veins still showing and how the Gravy Train made gravy. The text book does not state where Hodgman’s essay originally appeared, but it is one that would have been great in the satire magazine Spy, where she was a contributing editor. I believe her original audience were readers of the Spy magazine that she was trying to inform about the issues of false advertising on dog food cans and how they try to convince consumers that the food is healthy for their pets. When she spoke about how she gagged her way through cans of white flecked mush (180), she gives to the reader the same emotions so that they too are gagging along with her. She can make the reader thinks logically about the dog food, and to ask questions in their minds. What does the food taste likes to my dog? Does he even like it? Has it any taste at all? These questions would make someone wonder and possible try to taste the product for …show more content…
The way the author uses such descriptive wording, such as how she describes the long gray veins in the meat that she spears with her fork (182), is a great way to make the reader have the vision of that hunk of meat in their minds. As a lifelong dog owner, Hodgman’s detailing of each brand she chooses and exactly what it looked and smelt like, brought back countless memories of opening dog food cans and that pungent smell hitting me, yuck. The essay just isn’t about a person’s decision to eat dog food, it’s true point is to inform the readers of just how false the advertising is for the food. What are meat by products? Why is soy beans used? Every time I have shopped for dog food for my pets I have always wondered about the products that show vegetables on the packaging and I have seen a dog that would eat one. Gaines burger was the one that made me chuckle the most, because it was a brand that my first dog Fluffy loved

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