Our Food Is Killing Us Research Paper

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Our Food is Killing Us We do everything possible to avoid death, yet our health can be compromised with every meal. The processed food we eat contains harmful additives that are considered poisonous, and the government is not properly informing people of what they are consuming. Fast and convenient is the first thing we reach for on the shelf, but these quick meals could cause long term health problems. Pathogens are not killing us, but processed foods are. These processed foods can cause a plethora of health issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood clots, clogged arteries, heart attacks, seizures, allergic reactions, obesity, headaches and asthma. All these factors contribute to a decreased life expectancy, high medical bills, and a complicated life. To ensure a healthy future, the government must provide better information about the contents in these processed foods. From a young age, we cram foods into our bodies that destroy us from the inside out. We worry about the pathogens we may be consuming like salmonella or E. coli instead of the chemicals and preservatives like BHA and azodicarbonamide. However, our diet is more deadly than these pathogens. There are only 3,000 deaths …show more content…
Others cause more serious problems such as difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and cancer. One test found that people who regularly eat cured meats have a 71 percent greater chance of getting a lung disease than those who never eat cured meats. It has also been discovered that many additives that were once safe, were later restricted or banned after being proven harmful to human health. These tests are incredibly disturbing and frustrating. Additives have terrible effects on our health, yet we allow them in our foods. Our children are especially affected by these additives, as they are not as immune to the chemicals in the food

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