College Essay: My Favorite Assignment In College

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Mp1: Senior Writing, Mrs. Donovan
Favorite Assignment: College Essay
In the first marking period of English 12R I learned important skills in terms of reading and writing. This course focused mainly on reading and writing, the first thing that we worked on was how to properly write a college essay, which I think is very important for students to learn how to be successful in writing them. We learned that you have to be creative when writing your college essays and try to add important details that help show what kind of person you are. With the help of a good essay it makes it that easier to get accepted into a college of your choice. Writing this essay in school this year really helped me to get accepted at Alfred State. We also had a
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The college essay topic that I picked which was, Explain a place where you 're most at peace. I liked writing about this topic because I got to write about staying up at my cottage in the summer where I’m totally stress free and have no worries in the world. By completing this piece, which was actually pretty challenging to grasp the concept of at the start, I learned many new writing skills which can help me dramatically in the future. This paper was a good experience for me because it laid out the foundation for me to get into college which I feel is one of the most important things for me in my …show more content…
It was mainly focused on the environment and the problems that the earth faces from human activity. We learned about the whaling industry and all the illegal whaling and fishing that is happening in our oceans. People are using long lines up to a mile long underwater that catches hundreds of fish including many species that are not allowed to be caught and they end up dying. Another thing that we learned was plastic pollution is endangering our oceans and even killing many different species of animals. This is very important because people should learn not to litter but instead recycle their plastic. During this course I also got to read a couple chapters of the book Life of Pi that talked a lot about the relationship between animals and humans. It teaches you how to not take animals as a joke and to always be careful when encountering a wild animal, because you never know what they 're gonna do. This also relates to elephant attacks that are happening in africa, we watched real videos of male elephants going into a rage and even killing a lot of innocent people in the small towns around. This really changed my look on elephants, and how dangerous that they can

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