Racial Resentment And Attitudes Toward The Use Of Force By Police

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Police brutality is causing a major fuss with all the current African American sh ootings. People believe that African Americans are being targeted when others believe that it shouldn’t matter. When police officers are trained, they are taught to go into high crime areas and low-level signs of disorder. “Racial segregation this both concentrates African Americans in “high crime areas” in which entire communities are criminally suspect and makes African Americans “out of place” and thus suspicious when they are not in predominantly black areas” (Carbado).
Police officers are drawn to the areas that a lot of African Americans live, and because of racial stereotypes officers think that African Americans could be threating.
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Many black people feel a distrust over the police due to frequent abuse of the law by police who are there to protect and serve the community. Many people feel that there is a difference in interaction with the police between a white community and a black community due to things like economic differences and attitudes towards the opposite race. Many of the brutality claims are towards white cops who feel they are just doing their job, while blacks view them as an opposing force.
Racial Resentment and Attitudes Toward the Use of Force by Police: An Over-Time Trend Analysis. A general number of people believe it is the police departments fault for not holding officers accountable for misconduct. Showing them what the appropriate amount of force, and treating racial and ethnic groups for equality. The police department should be held accountable for not training their officers properly, or not making sure each officer already knows how to properly use equality. “Yet, perceptions of the use of force by the police by whites in the United States are, in many ways, linked to questions of race. Public opinion surveys have consistently shown race to be strongly associated with opinions for and against the use of force” (Carter.) Do you think it is the police departments fault or just tainted induvial

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