Revolts And Protests

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The use of violence against masses is a common way to diffuse protests. However, is it an effective way? While it is quite common for police brutality to be enacted in order to stop protesters, it is neither a safe solution nor a permanent one. Protesting is one of the most basic rights of citizenship. Therefore, stopping a protest before it happens is not the answer, but stopping it before it gets dangerous. Finding a secure and effective way to defuse a violent crowd is imminent as to ensure the safety of everyone.

Revolts and protests are not new in the history of Egypt. They have been around ever since the creation of this country. And accompanying them is the use of violence against the crowd. One of the earliest examples is the great
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It stifles free expression and peaceful opposition and violates their rights as citizens. Since citizens are unable to protest for their own rights, the people in power get unchecked freedom. This results in a corrupted country with intimidated citizens that have had their rights taken away and a government abusing its power.

Not only are protesters affected by this, but also the entire population. It means that citizens will not be able to voice their opinions and oppositions and give free and unlimited reign to the people in power. Therefore, if the people need to protest, they have no way of doing it without breaking the law. And the people brave enough to risk their safety and go out into the streets to march for their rights will be met with violence and police brutality.

A possible solution would be having a certain guarded place where protesters can peacefully voice their oppositions. This would ensure that nobody gets hurt and that the protest doesn’t get out of order. Some would argue that a big crowd full of angry protesters would still end up causing some damage, so another solution might be to write to legislators from the comfort of their home or bring attention to a problem through social media. Another way that would partially remedy violence against protests is if police officers got more training in de-escalation and conflict resolution rather than more training in the use of

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