Ferguson Police Research Paper

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Anthony Petruzzi
Jeremy Lakoff
English 101 Ferguson Police Force: Just or Unjust?
One black man is killed and Ferguson, Missouri turns into a war zone. Peaceful protests turned into angry riots and a whole town is torn apart. Police are sent to regulate these protests and all hell breaks loose. It all started on Saturday, August 9th, when an officer responds to a reported robbery at a convenience store. The dispatcher gives a description of the robber and says the suspect is walking towards the convenience store. The officer gets to the area and encounters 18-year-old Michael Brown, and a friend. Moments later, Brown is shot six times and dies. The shooting of Michael Brown had the Ferguson community in an uproar.
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He had owned the store for 15 years and dedicated his life to his business. Video recordings show a couple of people firing guns at the store, shattering the windows. Soon after, dozens of people ransacked the place. The store was looted and was soon set on fire. Following this event, his store was ransacked two more times after this. Lalani said “It’s depressing, all of your hard work and life savings, disappearing in front of your eyes. It’s hard.” Lalani is one of many business owners devastated by the results of the angry riots. Cases like this need police force to regulate the protesting. Countless reports and videos of protestors throwing rocks and bottles at officers and even firing shots at officers’ show why the police force is equipped the way they are. Officers are obviously not going to stay in their regular day-shift outfits dealing with mobs of angry people with weapons. While it may look like some police units were ready for combat, they were merely looking to defend themselves from life-threatening …show more content…
By looking at the violent events caused by some of these “protestors”, it is necessary for Police to use the force they’ve been using. The protestors have made this case more chaotic then it needed to be. You cannot blame the police officers for equipping themselves for the worst-case scenario, as worst-case scenarios have happened. Police officers are also human and need to be able to defend themselves. If the police officers didn’t regulate these protests, the situation would be worse than it already is. The ways the police department is handling these protests are completely

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