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  • Bride Kidnapping Essay

    that seems to undermine their women. As noted in the International Journal of Central Asian Studies, authors Sarah Amsler and Russ Kleinbach refer to Kyrgyzstan as a “country full of surprises” (1999). One of the surprises in this country is Ala Kachuu, also known as bride kidnapping. Bride kidnapping is a so-called Kyrgyzstan “tradition” that violates the human rights of women. Several points of information argue against the practice in terms of a historical view, a human rights view, and a mental health view. This practice has many facets that made it into a culturally accepted “tradition” to the people in Kyrgyzstan—understanding these facets will provide reason why the people of Kyrgyzstan practice this act and at the same time provide reason that shows people this practice should not be a tradition in the first place. In order to understand what this Kyrgyzstan tradition is all about, one must first delve deeper into the background of the “country full of surprises”. Where is Kyrgyzstan located? When asking this question, for the purpose of this argumentative essay, one must take into account pre-soviet, soviet, and post-soviet Kyrgyzstan because it offers an important factor as to why bride kidnapping is a practiced tradition later discussed in the essay. Pre-soviet Kyrgyzstan originated in Siberia and expanded their land from there—soviet Kyrgyzstan was the period in which the soviet union took control and changed Kyrgyzstan to the Kirghiz Autonomous Soviet Socialist…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Career Criminals

    they are likely to commit, and re-commit, and how to punish those who are constantly in and out of prison. The two articles focused on in this paper are Matt Delisi’s “Extreme Career Criminals” and Thomas J. Miceli and Catherine Bucci’s “A Simple Theory of Increasing Penalties for Repeat Offenders. Both articles speak on the issue of career criminals, however they diffidentate in that Mr. Delisi’s article talks more about what crimes are often committed by habitual offenders whereas Miceli and…

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  • Contributions Of Nellie Mclung

    Party. He was involved in the October Crisis including the kidnapping of the British diplomat James Cross and the Quebec Cabinet minister Pierre Laporte by the terrorist Front de Liberation du Quebec which led to the murder of Laporte. Then he was a part of the official languages act of 1969. Pierre Trudeau was very important to Canada because he was the 15th prime minister of Canada and was prime minister for 14 years. The duration of the 14 years was once from 1969-1979 the re elected from of…

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  • Counting Crime And Measuring Criminal Behavior Chapter 2 Summary

    charged with attempted at kidnapping, among other crimes, as she had not succeeded in kidnapping or killing her intended victim, and while it was clear that she had committed the act of attempting to kidnap, she had not actually done so, and since her intent in the eyes of the law had been to kidnap, and not to murder, she was not charged with murder. Take any person convicted of criminal activity mentioned in the chapter and the result is the same; one can find a clear and direct correlation…

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  • The FARC: The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia

    and kidnappings of officials in order to grow their terror fueled sphere of influence. The transition from a Marxist insurgency to a drug cartel and indiscriminate attacks on civilians led to a retraction of popular support throughout Colombia. The FARC 's use of violence and inability to translate regional power to political power led many core supporters to revoke support. The FARC was now exploiting those that they originally protected from oppressors that they now resembled. Dr. Phillip A.…

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  • The Politics Of Crime In Latin America Chapter Summary

    crimes which are dramatically increased since 2006 and directly influences on the daily lives of citizens and their perception of security. Bailey illuminates that perceptions of probability of being victimized are extremely higher than reported self-victimization rates and it eventually creates a group of hardened democrats. These hardened democrats are those who support democracy but are dissatisfied with how Mexico’s democracy works and therefore who are less likely to vote.(p.74) In other…

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  • Causes Of Terrorism In Nigeria

    moving in or out, and there is no evidence of money transferring. Take for example a person wanting firearms. The person wanting firearms finds a Hawaladar who has connections internationally. They give the Hawaladar money, and then send a receipt overseas to another Hawala member stating what they want, and how much was deposited. The Hawala member overseas will then find a dealer who smuggles firearms and tell them a deposit has been made. Next the firearms are packaged and shipped to the…

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  • Criminal Behavior Chapter Summary

    the author tries to figure out the motivator factors behind kidnapping. Furthering other crimes or causes, ransom, and disputes regarding child custody are the 3 top reasons of kidnapping mentioned by the author, with ransom being the number one reason considering data from all over the world. And the article also mentioned that every kidnapper profiles his victim before the kidnapping. This article talks about the psychology thieves in an innovative way. We all know that the individuals who…

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  • Not My Life Reflection

    prostitution, and she was a normal American girl from a wealthy family. This shows no matter what socioeconomic status a person is, they can still be victim to what is perhaps the epitome of the evils of humanity. In third-world countries, human trafficking is much more prevalent. For example, in Cambodia global sex tourism is big business. In Cambodia, there lies a village that is the top destination for “sex tourists”. They run rings of sex slaves that people from around the world come to, for…

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  • Relation Between Drugs And Crime

    serious drug use can amplify and perpetuate preexisting criminal activity. (Alcohol, Drugs and Crime , 2016). As, a Peace Officer (police officer), I have seen drugs turn good people’s into a life of crime, either for the drug use, money or trying to be a part of a group. Drug user uses money, items or will often give their body to purchase the drugs. When a drug user cannot afford the drugs they will commit crime such as; robbery, burglary, aggravated assault toward another person, murder,…

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