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  • Daniel Orozco Orientation Summary

    For most people, the first day of work can be quiet a catastrophe. In fact, standing in a new office can be reminiscent of the first day of kindergarten waiting at the front gate with our hands glued to our mom’s hands unable to let go and take another step. At least during those days, we had teachers to depend on and to show us around the school. In a new office, however, everyone is pre-occupied with work so more often than not, a piece of paper is the only source of guideline to turn to in order to survive the rest of the day. Oftentimes, these orientation guidelines are misleading and contain unnecessary or inadequate information about the job, so they intimidate employees instead of welcoming them. This is seen in the first few paragraphs of “Orientation” by Daniel Orozco when a new employee is introduced to a new job in a new office. The employee is greeted with a bombardment of what to do and what not to do commands followed by unusual and disturbingly personal characteristics, relationships, and background information of most of the workers in the office. Daniel Orozco portrays this orientation paper as a narrator of the short story and uses literary devices such as patterns, symbolism, and imagery to support his theme that orientation plays a big part in welcoming a new member to the workforce yet modern offices tend to disregard its significance. Just as the short story begins, Orozco introduces short, simple sentence structures beginning with a subject/verb and…

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  • Case Study Of The Haloid Company

    In 1947 Haloid went into an agreement with Battelle Memorial Institute, a not-for-profit research organization to manufacture machines based on ‘xerography’. In 1949 Haloid came up with the Xerox Copier. The machine failed to create a buzz and many financial analysts term Haloid’s investment in xerography as a ‘big mistake’ but Haloid continued investing money in the R&D of a second-generation copier. In 1950 Haloid signed its first commercial contract for a xerography copier. Soon sales started…

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  • Waste Toner Case Study

    Abstract – Photocopiers make use of Toner (powder) to form the latent electrical image on the electrostatically charged drum. The paper has to slide over the drum during Xerography process and hence it picks up the toner. Vague issues cause the non-picking of toner particles (approximately 10%) and they are left over the drum. This non-picked toner is termed as Waste Toner (WT). As it adversely affects the quality of proceeding copies, this has to be removed from the drum. A cleaning blade made…

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  • Xerox Corporation Case Analysis

    Xerox Corporation founded in 1906 is a leader in business process and information technology outsourcing, and in document management services. The company headquarters are located in Norwalk, Connecticut and operates in 180 countries across the world. As of December 31, 2015 the company had approximately 143,600 employees (Xerox Corporation, 2016). The company started out as an invention of xerography by Chester Carlson, a patent attorney, in 1938 as a result of the tiresome work he had to go…

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  • Monopoly And Oligopoly Industry Analysis

    advantage (Ganesan and Shanker, 1994). This is due to the fact the producers have a major effect on the technological environment of organizations. As organizations want to compete effectively in order to generate customer satisfaction, they need to find producers who are more technological advanced in order to deliver faster and still produce cheaper and better quality products. Technology has done major improvements to the infrastructure between countries (Grimsley, no date). This has led…

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  • Marketing Advantage Of Nestle

    introduced a perc free alternative for home use, Dryel, which allows people to do their dry cleaning at home. Yet as a testimony to the resistance faced by companies in this burgeoning product category, Procter and gamble advertises Dryel’s convenience, not its green advantage. TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT One of the most dramatic forces shaping people’s lives is technology. Technology has released such wonders as penicillin, open heart surgery and the birth control pill. It has released…

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  • Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats

    cleaning at home.Yet, as a testimony to the resistance faced by companies in this burgeoning product category, Procter & Gamble advertises Dryel s convenience, not its green advantage. Sources: Jacquelyn Ottman, Innovative Marketers Give New Products the Green Light, Marketing News, March 30, 1998, p. 10; Shelly Reese, Dressed to Kill, American Demographics, May 1998, pp. 22 25; Stacy Kravetz, Dry Cleaners New Wrinkle: Going Green, Wall Street Journal, June 3, 1998, p. B1. has released…

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