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    “Ni Hao. Congratulations” wished the first guest of the evening, Mr. Lim, 47, a conservative looking, confident Country head, Indonesia for the OCDC Bank, Singapore, in his deep dark suites and tortoise-shelled glasses. He had a smiling resplendent face and greeted Mr. Chandra extending his warm hand before throwing the black leather bag on the couch. He was wearing a Ralph Lauren handcrafted silk tie and a cocky attitude under his sleeves. The confidence and vanity, an investment banker carried on his face, was quite clear in his round eyes that were looking bigger and intelligent behind his thick glasses. “Xie Xie. Thank You, Everything because of you!” Mr. Chandra replied, before hugging him tightly, and patted his back with a strong hand. They knew each other for more than a decade, as OCDC was not only the main banker of the rubber manufacturing company, owned by the Chandra Family, but also few other real estate ventures Mr. Chandra started across the archipelago nation recently. In fact, the hotel, they were partying, was constructed by Eddy, Mr. Chandra’s childhood buddy, with the generous and prompt funding by the Bank OCDC. Even the neighboring snotty Singapore-investment-bankers-circuit had a high…

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