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  • How Does Basketball Affect My Life

    one of us look forward to the practices. Whether practice includes sprints, drills, or shooting, finding the enjoyment is often during the games. The demonstration of how basketball has impacted my life is shown through the game. In a manner like volleyball, basketball has manifested the idea of teamwork into my head. Keeping five different minds on the same page has shown that teamwork isn’t as manageable as it seems. The game has created the opportunity to expand my thinking capacity by…

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  • Importance Of 10000 Hours Essay

    which at the time was volleyball. Even though, she played volleyball for 10 years she still didn’t practice for more than 10000 hours which is the number of hours you need to be successful at something according to Gladwell. On the other hand, I think practice leads to success but like my sister you don’t need 10000 hours of practice to be successful at…

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  • The Story Of My Vacation In Kiribati Islands

    This story happened during my vacation in Kiribati Islands. We stayed there in deep overwater bungalow! Like the one on the picture below. There were many fun things to do in the island like swimming, water tubing, scuba diving, snorkeling and many others but still it turned out to be a nightmare! It became a misery because I couldn’t text any of my friends for ten whole days. That’s right, I said ten whole days since there was no wifi in the place we stayed. The exposition of memoir itself is…

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  • Essay On Physical Education Observation

    I had the ability to observe a physical education class co-taught by Ms. Mussell and Ms. Potts. This fifty-minute physical education class at Saint Anthony Middle School was an insightful experience. The Saint Anthony Middle School is attached to the high school, but is distinctly separated. The drive to Saint Anthony school district was not lengthy at all; it is located within welcoming residential area. Upon entering the school, I observed a diverse student population. The school offers a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Elementary And Secondary School

    coach. As we were approaching volleyball season again, we knew on the first day of practice that we wanted to make it to state our final year of high school. Our team knew what we had to prove on the court to exceed our coach’s and our community’s expectations. We made it to the state tournament in Huron, SD and received 5th place, which is consolation champions! The following upcoming sport was basketball, we had some of the same girls on the team as we did for volleyball. We knew we had what…

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  • My Experience: My First Day Changed My Life

    know more people. My sister inspired me to join volleyball and basketball because when I was growing up I always went to her games and also my dad always compared me to her because I played soccer and did boxing at my local gym. I joined basketball and I didnt take it that serious because at that time I didn’t think I would fall in love with the sport and I was also healing from an injury. By the time sophomore year came around I had joined volleyball, track, and…

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  • Sports In High School Sports Essay

    From the first time I began playing volleyball, I had to learn how to manage my time with school, work, and homework after school. School has always been my top priority. It was the beginning of sophomore year and I had just began my first AP class. On top of that, I had just switched schools and had just began playing on a new volleyball team, not to mention I was working at a fast food restaurant. The homework was beginning to pile up…

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  • Work Ethic In The Blind Side

    Michael still faces adversity and chooses to overcome it with his work ethic. Working hard even when everything seems to be set against me, is necessary to my development as a player. The past two summers I worked very hard at becoming better at volleyball. I did dozens of camps and private training sessions with coaches in order to improve. I even had a personal trainer to help me workout in the best way possible. This hard work carries into my everyday life here at Point Loma. In order to play…

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  • Essay On Being A Deaf Community

    the event and what were some highs and lows. We both agreed that the event when approaching it was kind of intimidating and that we were scared our ASL skills were not good enough for this event. I expressed to her afterwards joining that game of volleyball was arguably the hardest thing I have ever done. I mean I have done many things involving immersing myself into a culture especially when I visit family in Greece. But, this was a whole new culture to me and to fully grasp it was mind…

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  • Getting The License Essay

    me succeed with volleyball no matter the situation. From an early start she was at every game, every tournament, and every award ceremony. It started in middle school my seventh grade year when she decided to create a travelling volleyball team for me and be the coach and from then on up until my sophomore year she was my coach and constantly worked with me to better myself. I have come across amazing coaches and not such amazing coaches since I’ve played the sport of volleyball, but as far as I…

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