The Importance Of Sports In Society

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When I think of sports, school and society I think of my childhood and how much sports played a part in success, failure and learning about the importance of teammates discipline and patience. Sports are a distraction from everyday issues and were an important part of my life that I will never forget. Sports in society were focused on men only and now women are starting to play a prominent role. Not only are sports important in everyday life, but also sports are a method to sustain society through economic gains. Sports such as football, basketball and baseball have a huge impact on society as the monies made from these competitive events are used to enhance the local economy and such as the construction of AT&T Park. Can improve neighborhoods …show more content…
So what does that mean? Well dyslexia is a disability that challenges a person’s ability to read, write and understands what is taught not only in the classroom but also in the corporate world. So, you probably asking what does a learning issue have to do with Sports and Society? Well, as a dyslexic student I found my life through sports. My parents were always very active and preached the importance of sports and how to use sports to your advantage. At age 4 I was playing soccer, t-ball and track. Sports helped me overcome my classroom awkwardness by giving me confidence and boosting my confidence. I was always very coordinated so sports and each game I played helped me understand the importance of teamwork and competition. Sports helped me how to learn defeat and also how to be a good winner. I was not a winner in school and getting good grades was difficult for me. By the time I enter high school I had become a good volleyball player as well as a basketball player. I could also run cross-country and this sport requires training and endurance. Each of these sports has a special …show more content…
Whether, it is a man or a woman the athlete needs to be the best at what they do and winning is the only outcome and losing is not acceptable. Society does not accept losers. Society wants a winner. Society also places a large expectation on the college the athlete attends and how many scholarships the student obtains. These measurements are carefully watched by society. A small school? How can you attend a small school and expect to be popular or gain salary or be drafted by a football or basketball team. Not only is the public watching and keeping tabs, but our parents also pressure the athlete to push and push and to never lose. Parents in many ways contribute to the athlete in a negative way. Parents dream of success for their athletic students but many time do not realize, because of their constant push and their own desire for their child to succeed. The parents as a part of society are as much to blame for their athlete’s lack of readiness on how to be a good loser as well as a winner.
Sports are an important part of the American society. Sports are part of the large machine impacting economics, people and the media. Sports fuels the community and works at coinciding community values as well as sports helps the public give meaning to life. Fans are also an important part of the sports and society puzzle. Fans engage in these pleasures fulfilling their own desire through voyeurism and

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