Sports Impact On Society

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When I think of sports, school and society I think of my childhood and how much sports played a part in success, failure and learning about the importance of teammates discipline and patience. Sports are a distraction from everyday issues and were an important part of my life that I will never forget. Sports in society were focused on men only and now women are starting to play a prominent role. Not only are sports important in everyday life, but also sports are a method to sustain society through economic gains. Sports such as football, basketball and baseball have a huge impact on society as the monies made from these competitive events are used to enhance the local economy and such as the construction of AT&T Park. Can improve neighborhoods by bringing big chain businesses and increasing the value of a neighborhood so that condominiums are built and sold for millions of dollars. I will delve into the impact of sports and society and discuss the wide …show more content…
As Americans we want to know what drives those athletes to be successful. Athletes possess this attribute that allows the athlete to command the attention of society. The athletes have the unwritten authority to do what they like and be allowed to express themselves. The society we live in places an extreme value on competition and all sports. Society makes these athletes and winning lights the “fire” of competition. The athlete is propelled with the idea of winning and like winning we thrive in society to see another lose. This is especially obvious during an Olympic battles between countries competing in a track and filed event or boxing. As a society we cheer for our country and want to see the Russian team go down in defeat. We care about winning more than any other feeling. Winning is everything. The track runner who falls near the finish line or the basketball team fro Brazil that misses a free throw and allows the United States team to

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