The Case Against High School Sports Essays

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Many people around the United States believe that high schools sports are a much needed activity for kids. On the other hand, some people argue that sports in America have too many conflicts with a kids life. In October 2013’s Atlantic cover article, “The Case Against High School Sports,” Amanda Ripley argues that American student-athletes became less educated while playing a certain sport. Low test scores and sports have no correlation to each other; American student-athletes gain many benefits from playing sports after school including increased test scores and lower dropout rates, decrease in risky behavior, and having a competitive attitude in everything they do.
Amanda Ripley writes that many countries outperform the United States on international assessments, and that their schools don’t put an emphasis on sports. “Sports are embedded in American schools in a way they are not almost anywhere else,” writes Ripley, “Yet this difference hardly ever comes up in domestic debates about America’s international mediocrity in education” (1). For one school in Texas, Premont Independent School District, sports programs were taken away and spending was shifted towards the educational side (1). About a dozen athletes decided to transfer because of the eradication of sports, but the ones who stayed felt more ahead and focused on their school work (1). Throughout the article, Ripley provides statements for her claim that school sports cost too much money and they make students focus…

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