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  • Eric Monacelli Case Study

    the personality typical of gamers. It can be easily seen why he excels in the public relations field with his easy going personality and is easy to talk to. He was born August 31st and has a wide variety of interests including: art, movies, music, video, literature, Iron Man, guitars, dogs, and most importantly baseball. On top of that Eric is a space fanatic and loves many aspects of space. He also has a wife and a son. In addition he has a love for videogames which led him to his successful…

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  • Video Games Addiction Research Paper

    Video games can lead to addiction, depression, aggression, and many health issues. In fact, research has been conducted for decades on the negative effects of video game play. So why then have video games become over a $16 billion industry? Well, video games have immense positive potential. In addition to their entertainment value, video games can offer considerable success when they are designed to address a specific problem or teach a specific skill. Video games can be a particularly valuable…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Games

    start playing video games when I was eight years old. I use to play with computers at first. I did not know about PlayStations or any other video game system. I asked my aunt to buy me a PlayStation 2 when I saw it in the super market in Africa I was curious about it because it was kind expensive and looking interesting. Most video games have disadvantages and advantages. Most parents look at the disadvantage and they feel differently than the way we feel about video games. Some video games…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Video Games

    Video Gaming Introduction Since my parents were always working, I had no one to take care of me at this young age so my dad would drop me off at my cousin’s house every morning. As a young kid little did I know about the world of art, graphics, storyboards, and all the other things associated with video games. When my cousin came home from school it was his duty to entertain me and one day he introduced me to his Nintendo 64. Yup, one of the greatest video gaming consoles of all time that…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Video Games Research Paper

    Negative effects of Video gaming Introduction Video games have become one of the most common forms of entertainment over the recent past. This has been enabled by the advancement in technology and increased use of computer as well as digital technology(McLean& Griffiths, 2013). There are many video games created and distributed all over the world through the internet or media that enables many people to play them over computers and other enabled gadgets such as mobile phones. People of…

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  • Positive Effects Of Video Games

    The positive effect of video games It seem that every time mankind face problem, we naturally pass it off as it as someone else fault. It is either music, internet, video game or any other form of media that are usually the first to blame for society’s issue. The most common today, are video game. Virginia attack, bombing in Moscow, Newtown massacre, it seem like it is getting easier and easier for people to blame on video games. well it is the video game fault? let find out. but first let start…

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  • Analysis Of Call Of Duty

    side-dashing, Advanced Warfare by Sledgehammer Games. Call of Duty games filled with violence, and realistic environment. That heat of the moment when someone is trying to get a kill – increases the hype of people. Call of Duty has always been at the top of the list when looking for a shooter game. Sledgehammer Games sold over 24 million copies of Advanced Warfare worldwide and a total of 252.7 million of the whole franchise itself ( Shooter games has become widely known,…

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  • Evolution Of Video Games

    Starting Video games have been around for quite a while. Video games have been around since the early 1970s. According to the article, How video game systems work, the first commercial arcade video game, Computer Space by Nutting Associates, was introduced in 1971. Although video games date way back, the Atari introduced Pong to the arcades. Nolan Bushnell founded Atari Inc. Nolan is described as the father of the videogame industry. The game pong first introduced by Nolan’s company Atari,…

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  • Rise Of Cyberbullying

    With the rise of texting, emailing, chatrooms, and social media, there has also been the rise of cyberbullying. Some are calling it an epidemic among children because it appears that no one is safe from it because of the fact that our entire lives seem to revolve around the very media that is responsible for cyberbullying. Now, it is widely understood that media itself isn’t bullying people, but rather that people are using media to harass and heckle other people by hiding behind a screen and a…

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  • Video Games: A Misunderstood Medium

    Video Games: A Misunderstood Medium For many years children and adults have enjoyed a special form of entertainment that provides experiences like no other, the video game. These electronic toys have been on the market since the 1970’s, a recent development, and history has shown that new trends are often targeted as a scapegoat for problems of the time. Currently, the ever growing industry of video games has been the source of such controversy, and is frequently blamed for many of the…

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