How Can Video Games Change The Way People Behave?

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December 1, 2014
Can Video Games Change the Way People Behave?

1.2 billion people play video games because they’re addictive, entertaining, and fun. (Venturebeat, “More than 1.2 Billion People Are Playing Video Games,” page 2). Many people play video games for different reasons, such as to relieve stress, avoid schoolwork, chores, which could get out of hand. Brian Knight, one of the authors from the book, The Ultimate History of Video Games, remarked, “Before video games were introduced, kids watched television, played games like hide and seek, raced cars made out of wooden boxes, or rode their bicycles.” (Brian Knight, page 12). After William Higinbotham created the first video game in 1958, it changed
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People wanted to find a new way to entertain themselves and have fun. It all started with a simple game, Tennis for Two, created by Higinbotham, the first interactive analog computer game. (“The First Video Game?”). Fast forward to the late 1960’s with Ralph Baer, an engineer working for Sanders Associates, who started to research ways of using the television to create interactive video games. Then, in 1972, Magnavox Odyssey Video Game Unit was born. (“Video Game History,” page 1). With the creation of the first home video game unit console of its kind, Baer became known as the “Father of the Video Game” by the National Museum of American History. Baer will be remembered for his innovation and contribution to the video game industry (“Ralph H. Baer,” page …show more content…
Too much can be just too much. People forget things that they learned from school the other day, and they could continue to forget if they play too much. Also, video games could also cause kids to stay up really late at night, which affects their school performance. According to, “Video games themselves do not tend to be the direct cause of lower grades, but anytime a child sacrifices time that should have been spent studying, he or she increases the risk of getting a lower grade on a homework assignment or the next day’s big test.” (“Do Video Games Lower Academic Performance,” page 1) Video games may not be the main cause of bad performance, but it could prevent kids from having a proper night’s sleep or from

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