The First Video Game Console

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You’re at your friend’s house to play his brand new awesome Kinect system. Of course you are really enjoying it and it’s probably the best thing ever. But you can’t help to be curious about such a complex thing, you may not wander on it but there is that little spot in your brain that just makes you wonder about these ingenious inventions. Almost everyone here today is probably familiar with the most famous and exquisite game consoles. Today’s technology has enabled us to create some of the most incredible video games and consoles ever. Usually most people, who play a video game, have not a slight idea as what has happened to enable them to enjoy such remarkable technology. The path to creating these high tech gizmos has not been an easy one as there have been many difficulties in there advancements. Like the demanding needs and challenges to make them better. The first video game console was the Odyssey 100, the Odyssey 100 was an analog system which used four Texas Instruments chips. It did not use cartridges and played two games: TENNIS and HOCKEY. A simple switch selected the games, and the system was either powered by six batteries. The Odyssey 100 was very basic and didn 't have the common features of the million-seller PONG systems of the next years. The knobs were fixed: there were no detachable controllers yet. There was no digital on-screen scoring. This could seem strange compared to the first Atari PONG systems which already had digital on-screen scoring. In

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