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  • Xbox 360 Research Paper

    We gave examples of people who bypassed the security system of the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the ways that the hacking is done is more complex than just creating a homebrew program or using ‘mod’. When it comes to hacking, there are two ways to hack a console. A person can either do a software attack or a physical attack (Eric DeBusschere). Software attacks are when a person takes advantage of a hole in the console or a third party, that manufactured games with a security problem. Until 2011, the main exploit used for the Xbox 360 was from a direct memory issue exposed by unchecked shaders in Peter Jackson’s King Kong game (Eric DeBusschere). Software attacks was used for years until companies made it extremely hard to break the security measures…

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  • Xbox 360 Compare And Contrast

    Xbox 360 VS Computer There are many advantages and disadvantages to choosing an Xbox 360 or a computer as your game system from the two gaming franchise giants. Both share many of the same goals as the other, yet they take different paths in providing entertainment for their targeted players, and for this reason, there is the constant debate over which is the better system to play games on. Each counsels attract vast crowds of people, and it is estimated that over half a billion people across…

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  • Xbox 360 Impact On Society Essay

    Four engineers from Microsoft Direct X team had an idea. They deconstructed a Dell Laptop and made a prototype the Direct X box (the original name for the Xbox). They shortened the name to Xbox and officially reviled the console at a game developers conference March 10, 2001. It was released November 15, 2001 in North America, Japan February 22, 2002, Australia March 14, 2002 and to Europe March 14, 2002. 2 Planning for the Xbox 360 began in February 2003. During that month 400 developers were…

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  • Reflective Essay: How Xbox 360 Changed My Life

    Ever since I can remember video games have always been my escape. On my ninth birthday I received my xbox 360 and since that day I have never look back. With my xbox I have made memories and friendships that will last life a life time. Although some believe things in life are either good or bad, it can be seen through Xbox that things are both good and bad, but it’s the proportion between good and bad that matters, this can be seen through new games, finishing games, and new systems that proves…

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  • The First Video Game Console

    You’re at your friend’s house to play his brand new awesome Kinect system. Of course you are really enjoying it and it’s probably the best thing ever. But you can’t help to be curious about such a complex thing, you may not wander on it but there is that little spot in your brain that just makes you wonder about these ingenious inventions. Almost everyone here today is probably familiar with the most famous and exquisite game consoles. Today’s technology has enabled us to create some of the most…

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  • Compare And Contrast Nintendo

    People of all ages enjoy playing video games. But, to play video games people need to buy a gaming console. Parents are wondering which gaming console they should buy for their children, because they don’t know the features of the console, or if the console is appropriate for their children. The top 3 gaming or electronic companies around the world are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. The top console of each company is different by their features, looks, security, and video games. Sony’s top…

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  • Examples Of Corruption In The Video Game Industry

    that seeks to just drain money from everyone is Microsoft. One reason Microsoft is famous within the video game industry is because they were the first company to make it so gamers could connect their console (Xbox) online. When this was first announced, Microsoft made you pay ten dollar a month to use the online feature. At the time people were so excited about the idea of an online console that they never really questioned the ten dollars a month price. As this product grew more popular,…

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  • The Playstation And Its Impact On The Xbox

    In the world today, the PlayStation has defined how we are allowed to play action, adventure, and even simulation games. The PlayStation is probable the one of game consoles that offers everything for both gamers and typical people. It allows users to play or watch from games, movies/shows, and even browse the internet. In order to understand how the PlayStation is so excellent, we will need to know the history of the consoles, and what makes it perform at the highest level. Overall PlayStation…

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  • Essay On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nintendo Console

    Investing in a new games console can be a difficult task - with about three main players on the field, it’s hard to determine which is best for your preferences. Typically the Nintendo Wii Console is one of the major consoles and is a favourite for a lot of households. However , is it just about all great? There are a couple of conditions that make it a second choice regarding Play station fans and Xbox fans - exploring your entire options and considering the advantages and disadvantages of the…

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  • Metal Gear Survive: A Narrative Analysis

    Metal Gear Survive replaces stealth with survival in what is the first Metal Gear game without the involvement of director Hideo Kojima. Although Survive is the first entry in the Metal Gear series without Kojima’s influence, it isn’t the first spin-off. Released only five years ago on the PS3, XBox 360 and PC; Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance took the Metal Gear series in a completely different direction. Replacing stealth with hack and slash action mayhem, surprisingly, Rising worked. The…

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