Positives And Negatives Of Playing Video Games

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What are the positives of playing video games? There many people who play video games and enjoy it. Some enter the work force developing video games for a living. And others buy the games to enjoy themselves. People see video games as a form of entertainment for their viewing and enjoyment after a long day at work or a way to distract their kids from causing a commotion. Since the creation of the first video game, being pong the game played by two opponents to see who could score passing their ball to the other side of the field and having the higher score. But since than video games and the industry have changed a lot. Many video games look like movies and people can’t tell the difference and the stories for video games have more of a …show more content…
So that’s why the game industry is the biggest form of entertainment in the world to date and growing. So video games have had big positives on making jobs and making entertainment for the masses. Video games had been used for more of a positives way to introduce a new form to tell a story to its viewer and explain it in a more personal level. With this kind of personal level of viewing such video games the show graphic, ideology, morals, and many things that can make someone understand a concept better. Tend to have a better understanding of things. There many studies out there that show, people who play video games an hour or two tend to have better problem-solving, logical skills, accuracy, strategy, management, situational awareness and many other great benefits. There are negatives to playing video games too. But they don’t outweigh the positives. Let’s look back to the first commercially successful video game, pong. This video game not only lunched the creation of the video game industry but the creation of playing against people …show more content…
4 of 5 households hold some type of a video game console and the number is still growing. Video games have become mainstream than ever before. They have made many advancements in the video game industry by introducing Virtual Reality into the mix. This technology is next level stuff. Basically what it is a headset that you were in around your head and put on like glasses that cover your eyes inside you have to little screens on each eye that show the video through. The cool thing about this technology is that you can control the environment with your head controlling where you go to move around that 3-D space it’s an exciting step forward to making it more realistic. This technology has its pros and cons but I still see the benefits out way the negatives. This technology has unprecedented applications for real world situations and medical and engineering applications to it and many others. And it’s really fun and realistic to experience for yourself so you can see and feel it. In the next 20 years or 30-year virtual reality might be the staple of entertainment replacing controllers or the whole concept of playing games siting down. This technology is cool but scary at the same time bringing something out of this world. The benefits for this type of technology it can go across the board and be applied to many industries or military to civilian applications. But with every new technology

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