Dream Machine Will Wright Analysis

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In the essay, "Dream Machines" (211), Will Wright presents an article about how machines and technology affect society today. However, instead of taking a negative view of how technology influences people's lives, the article considers the positive effects on the population and how machines are allowing us to better develop the world. I found that most of his arguments and examples, such as how video games improve reaction times, were outdated and boring expressions. Many articles have debated these arguments, however I did find his view on personalization quite relevant. His article brought up two points that are usually not noticed in other articles. First he talks about how playing video games is a lot different from watching someone play …show more content…
He says that videogames are not just mind sucking time voids, but rather they inspire creativity and imagination (213). I agree completely with this statement. By playing Sims 4 video games I became more creative in how I viewed the world around me. I started off simple, using the game examples to create character. Finally I began to create my own characters, designs, and theme parks. A video game allowed me to think out of my comfort zone. My creativity improved because I would create new designs and think of new places to build. Will Wright, who is the co-founder of Maxis, now part of Electronic Arts, states in his article “Dream Machines” that videogames are not a mindless waste of time, but a way to stimulate the brain and become creative. Games are to entertain, educate and engage us individually. These personalized games will reflect who we are and what we enjoy. Much as our choice of books and music does now. They allow us to express ourselves, meet others and create things that we can only imagine. They enable us to share and combine these creations and build vast playgrounds. Now more than ever, games will be visible external amplification of the human imagination. One reason why I believe society has a negative view of video games is the affect on our youth. From the time a child can hold a digital device they are exposed to a limitless digital world. Free time is often taken up by video games. When a young person has free time and they start to play a videogame they like the world fades away. Communication and exercise become nonexistent. I would play MySims Agents from the time I got up until I went to bed. I did not have a computer in my room or I might of played longer hours. When young people are entertained, time is not a concern. The focus is on the game at

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