Experience Flow In Video Games

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How Players Experience Flow in Video Games

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi flow is explained as the satisfaction the person gets when they concentrate on performing a task. However these activities must not be part of the person 's daily routine. Also ever person will experience flow depending on their preferences in activities (Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Smith, & Tosca, 2008, p. 3757). There are seven elements that characterizes flow, which are: a challenging activity, merging of action and awareness, clear goals and feedback, concentration on the task at hand, the paradox of control, loss of self-consciousness, and the transformation of time. According to Csikszentmihalyi, in order to enter the state of flow the activity must not be part of the person
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For instance, I try to beat a level as fast as possible or beat a level without dying. By making my own rules, I get focused on the game to the point where I forget about what is going around in the surroundings; I often lose track of time that I’m up until one and two in the morning. When I accomplish my goals, I get a sense of satisfaction. Similar to Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of flow, Jane McGonigal theory is about the positive aspects of gaming and how games make people feel. Her theory is characterized by four components; the craving for satisfying work, experience, social connection, and meaning (Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Smith, & Tosca, 2008, p. 3789). I also believe that games make us happy despite the hard work, but McGonigal mentioned in the TED Talks that the task must be achieveable. For example, when I play Street fighter IV on “very hard” I may have to continue more than once to beat the game. Once I beat the game I will feel happy even though it took a lot of tries. On the other hand, if I were to play the game in “grueling” and not even come close to beating the game, I may end up just giving up, but feeling unsatisfied and disappointed in …show more content…
The goal of gaining the experience is to be able to show off to my friends at how good I am at Street Fighter so that I can feel that I accomplished something. I think people in general need social interaction and connection with one another to survive in this world. Video games are a medium for social connection. I remember playing video games with my roommates and building close bonds. Even though we live far away from each other we still keep in touch and visit each other. Video games helped us build the important social connections. The craving for meaning is about being part of something big and having impact. I personally do not have an example of a experience when playing video games, but in the TED Talks Jane McGonigal talks about World of Warcraft players adding information to the WoW Wikipedia. This is something bigger than a single person and is collaborative task among the WoW community that benefits all player of WoW with information about the game (Ted Talks,

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