Positive Effects Of Video Games

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The positive effect of video games
It seem that every time mankind face problem, we naturally pass it off as it as someone else fault. It is either music, internet, video game or any other form of media that are usually the first to blame for society’s issue. The most common today, are video game. Virginia attack, bombing in Moscow, Newtown massacre, it seem like it is getting easier and easier for people to blame on video games. well it is the video game fault? let find out. but first let start with the basic question what is a video game? a video game is an electronic game that has an interface designed for human interaction on a video device. The electronic systems used to play video games are known
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So we have a parallel track of education going on that a young person will spend as much time to learn how to be a good gamer as everything else in school. Many attempted to relate video games with violent and how video games affect the player negatively, but this is where there is no limit to the time a person play video game and no supervision on the game being played, the not so positive effects are expected. But otherwise, video games can be proven to be beneficial in more than one way. With all these hours putting in school and video game, what are these gamers will be good at? There are 500 Million gamer, with expected 1Billion in the next decade. But what are these gamers going to …show more content…
The physical benefits are the ones you always hear the most about. They are the one who everyone say “allow for the development of hand-eye coordination,” and can increase your reaction time to your surrounding . However, if you believe that is the only effect, then you are gravely mistaken. The benefits of it are way more than just that, as demonstrated through several studies. First, gaming provide other necessary skills which is important and could save lives. Surgeons who actively, moderately play video games noticed their surgical skills improve and fewer mistakes are made. The study that was done by Beth Israel Medical Center stated that “playing video games has a positive effect on laparoscopic surgeons and could be used as a teaching aid,” and that “dopamine, which is released during game play, helps to establish learning pathways”. In addition to the benefits of video games, the psychological benefits are undeniable. The possible benefit range from findings a two player games provide a releasing effect and reduce the level of aggression in children’s play, to possible findings out that children with ADHD and other mental disorders that make social interaction a challenge for a child (Ohio). Out of all the possible effects of video games, the most important is that

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