Effects Of Video Games On Teenagers

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Video game are very popular all around the world. It have become a daily activities of many teenager and adult all over the world. “Today 97% of teens in the U.S. play video games, and sales of games are growing. The domestic video game industry brings in nearly $12 billion a year” (The Impact of Video Games 2). Video games are great way for entertainment. It have been around us for many years. Not only kids are playing video game but also adult too. Video games can be very addicted. As a gamer myself, I used to play video games all day and night. It is very unhealthy for teenager to play video games in a long period of time. Many parent have concern about their children playing too much video games, but not many seem to be doing much about it. Most parents are busy working, they don’t know that their kids are spending a lot of time playing video games. Some parents even let their children play video games so they wouldn’t bother them. What does video games effect on teenager? I think this question have been ask by parents with …show more content…
Some think video games are a waste of time. It may cause some of the bad affect to teen likes healthy, grades and violent, but it also can improve them. Video games can help them make quick thinking, memory and motivation. Just likes too much of good things can be bad. Video games can be harmful to teenager when they are playing it too much. When teen are spending the right amount of time to play video games, they can get positives benefit from it. Some parents doesn’t let their teenager play video games, but video games are great way for teen to release stress from their life and school. Parents and schools should educate teen about video games. Parents should be limit the amount of time their kids are spending video games. They also need to watch the type of games yours kids are playing, so they are playing games that are for their

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