Violent Video Games

There are many forms of entertainment due to the high increase of technology
Computers and the internet in the entire world. Which have directly contributed to the impact of young mind when spending most of their time viewing and watching these types of entertainment. Where Some of these entertainment like video games has become the central part of the social word for many youths and adolescence. Which needs to be banned out for some reasons because these sources like violent video games have been regarded by many researchers as leading to the contribution of negative effects among the users who are more likely to be young teens? Violent video games lead young people to aggressive behavior, bad performance in schools, addiction,
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According to Erin C. Hasting in his article ‘’Young children /Computer Game use relation with school performance and behavior” they had done a research and found out that the amount of time spent per week playing video/computer games was negatively correlated with school performance .They also explain that the attention spent in class for students had dropped and also found out that video game playing was significantly negatively correlated with school GPA.[Anderson &Bushman ,2004] also suggests that the amount of time spend playing video games exposure to violence in video games are associated with lower performance and attention problems in schools .These shows clearly that in some video games especially when kids spend a lot of their time like 40 hours per week playing these kind of games in order to complete the task of the game they put more concentration on these games and forgetting doing their homework which is more useful in their life on time. This becomes a problem which needs to solve and find new ways of doing educational things that will help them do better in

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