School Violence And Violent Video Games

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Statistics show that “85% of teens” (Callister, Clark, Robinson, Phillips 1) play video games, “77% preteens own a console” (1), and 75% of the video games consist of gore/violence. The violent acts shown on the news seem as if they were taken out of a video game. Similarities are seen in the actions and behaviors between virtual character in video games and actual homicides, Shoot out, and any other kind of violent actions. One great example is the case of James Holmes and a shootout in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. The convicted felon had mental issues in which Holmes tried to simulate as the joker from Batman. Violent video games do not only impact adults, but teenagers as well. In a different scenario, “School violence includes …show more content…
This has led to confusion between the real and virtual world, many video games have become more and more realistic. As the time progresses the technology becomes more efficient. Technology has find a way in which it can allow users to be engage into the game more often in different places. Concluding that technology has allow for children/teens to play games everywhere, studies shows that “children and teens spend an average of 42 hours a week” (Ogilvie 1). With children spending a full time job playing virtual reality video games it concludes that it increases the not only the violence, but also harassment, and many other factors violence video games implies. In addition, this has not only affect people with mental problems, but children as well. Many examples such as Michael Carneal , Jeff Weser, James Holmes, and many more has clearly shown the effects of video games in people. It has not only affect each of them minds, but also the people surrounding each one of them. This kind of actions can not only be blame on the offenders, an individual needs to start thinking of all different factors. For example, parental control, more gun control, or in fact seen early sign of suicidal ( look inside data base and see the james holmes

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