Violent Video Games Research Paper

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The Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games
Did you know that 80% of video games on the market include some sort of violence. Some may think that is a good but they should think again. The amount of damage that violent video games creates is shocking and needs to be taken care of. Violent video games have caused many problems in today’s society. Some of these conflicts consist of a lack of school work,Violent/Fatal actions, and dreadful relationships within families and friends. A lack of school work can cause a bad future for someones life. Violent thoughts are unfavorable because they can cause one individual to make damaging or fatal actions. And a poor relationship with family and friends is not good because it causes people to think
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Other people prefer to believe that violent video games are beneficial because the are players of the games are able to express their negative emotions in a virtual world. By doing so it is preventing gamers to not harm others. The website states “ Violent video games are engaging, they keep people away from actual harm or potential trouble, which is out there d one gets to feel accomplished and thus satiated in the virtual world”(CNN). This evidence matters because it is re-stating the fact that gamers are able to release anger onto virtual things. It also mentioned that by doing so it allows gamer to “feel accomplished and thus satiated” Now although this evidence does make a good point but studies by Brock University show that kids who participate in violent activities are more likely to be violent to the people around them. Done is showing that people relieve their stress on a virtual game. The document “Studying The Effects Of Violent Video Games” states “Longer periods of violent video game playing among high school students predicted a slightly higher number of such incidents over time”.(Brock University) This matters because it is showing that although they are able to relieve their stress in a game long periods of playing still is not good. For the reason that violent video games increases one's aggression making it more likely for them to act poorly on another

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