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  • Counter-Violence In Video Games

    internet, video games and music, to mention just a few. Mostly, cartoon programs are only attracting the children that are below the age of six (Breckler & Olson, 2009). Those above this age prefer to play video games like the Brick Game, which they greatly cherish playing. There are those children that are knowledgeable about games like soccer. For example, FIFA Play Station games. Video games are very attractive to children, and they can take the better part of the day for children. Some video…

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  • Hypermasculinity In Pop Culture

    Gaming has become a huge part of modern day pop culture. Games have improved so much as technology has advanced. One can now easily immerse themselves into a new world full of action and adventure while accompanying one’s favorite characters. Because of this the gaming community has grown immensely over years, bringing along a new form of communication with them. However, along with these great aspects, the gaming industry has managed to bring it throughout the community. Because of the way…

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  • Female Characters In Video Games

    The absence of women characters in video games might have many different reasons. The creators of these games are mostly males; there are not many women in the video game industry. There was even a joke about Ubisoft, one of the well-known producers in video gaming, that they do not have female characters in their games in important roles because they do not see a lot of female around –since nearly all of their workers are males. Also still today, the games are focused on the male majority…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Video Games

    Section 4120 Dr. Burke October 11, 2016 The Many Perspectives of Video Games The attitude towards video games is that they are too gruesome, violent and can kill brain cells. Video games are pieces of art created from the very creative minds of computer programmers. There’s a lot more to video games then just shooting and killing people online there is a crazy amount of coding that goes into every single game. Yes, some video games can be violent and bloody but that’s why they get a M rating…

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  • Violent Video Games's Negative Effects On Children

    Video games have been in the lives of American lives since 1970 . Many children and adults feel entertained by all the different consoles and video games there are to play. The constant marketing and exposure of video games, make it so easy for children to gain access and knowledge about them. Some consoles offer the single player the opportunity to invite online players to play with them, making the experience more appealing. Many video games can be categorized in genres just like movies.…

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  • Ethics Of Limiting Violent Media Analysis

    in judgments is a central characteristic of human nature (Johannesen, Valde, & Whedbee, 2008, p. 43). One of the main factors in determining if violent video games could have first amendment protection or should fall under more government regulation was if violent video games provide values for users to learn and sustain. While violent video games do tend to focus on violence as a means to an end they can also provide the moral value of knowing what is right and wrong. However, Senator Yee…

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  • Essay On Gamergate

    #Gamergate Growing up I always enjoyed playing video games with my sister and she was often better than I was at games that I played more often. I had always believed that title of nerd was gender neutral and we stuck together better than any other social group. However, in this paper we will be discussing the phenomenon of Gamergate, its inception and the impact that it had on women, gamers, and surrounding social groups. While the Gamergate hashtag is used by many different people (i.e.…

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  • Women Vs Women In Video Games

    “Video Games are no longer seen as strictly toys for kids” (Lofgren 2015). Video gaming has gotten increasingly popular over the decades. From sporting games to computer battle games, the need to play these has been more revealed by adults rather than children. The majority of the players are males from around the age of 18 to 35, and of these players 56% are males (Essential Facts 2015). The overall average age for a game player is 31(Lofgren 2015). That stat has increased 1 year than the…

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  • Video Games Affect Biology

    Video Games and How They Affect our Biology In the past, there have been many debates on video games and whether or not the effects they can have are beneficial or harmful. Most people would tell you that it is the latter; however, newer research and studies suggest that video games present many more advantages than what one would expect. They have been proven to be of use in aiding those with mental disabilities as well as providing an alternative means of exploration for people with physical…

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  • Donkey Kong Case Study

    7. Donkey Kong Donkey Kong was a successful Arcade game of a small Japanese manufacturer, Nintendo. The game saw the first appearance of Mario. In the game Mario had to jump the construction sites to protect his girlfriend from Donkey Kong. Atari turned down the offer from Nintendo to license Donkey Kong as they thought the asking price was too high. At that time Atari had an 88% profit margin on the cartridges Atari was making and Nintendo was asking for $2 per cartridge. Nintendo later sold…

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