Counter-Violence In Video Games

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In the present world, children seek entertainment from various sources that include internet, video games and music, to mention just a few. Mostly, cartoon programs are only attracting the children that are below the age of six (Breckler & Olson, 2009). Those above this age prefer to play video games like the Brick Game, which they greatly cherish playing. There are those children that are knowledgeable about games like soccer. For example, FIFA Play Station games. Video games are very attractive to children, and they can take the better part of the day for children. Some video games like Need for Speed can drag the full commitment from the players, children, and adults alike. Video games have a way of influencing the character and moods of the players. As research reveals, the majority of players could be joyful throughout the day thinking of having succeeded in playing a FIFA Play Station game. On …show more content…
There are a number of peaceful conflict resolution methods that are accepted and practiced by the society. These methods include arbitration, isolation, to mention just a few. At no one time does the society support counter-violence as a means of solving conflicts in the society. However, scholars revealed that violent video games teach youth to use violence in conflict management. It is reported that in 2009, the majority of those who played violent video games had little faith in the use of non-violent means in solving conflicts (Haugen, 2010). Such individuals are rough and non-forgiving, ready to engage in a fight with all those they regarded as enemies. All these short temper comes from playing and watching the characters in a violent video game and wanting to emulate them. The result is a society where individuals are not patient with one another and chaotic towards each other. This calls for the banning of violent video games so as to restore order in the

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