Violent Video Games's Negative Effects On Children

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Video games have been in the lives of American lives since 1970 . Many children and adults feel entertained by all the different consoles and video games there are to play. The constant marketing and exposure of video games, make it so easy for children to gain access and knowledge about them. Some consoles offer the single player the opportunity to invite online players to play with them, making the experience more appealing. Many video games can be categorized in genres just like movies. There are some video games that are appropriate for children and others that highly aggressive, and not suitable for them. But for many years, children have been gaining access to the highly aggressive ones, that have caused several negative effects in the. …show more content…
Children are becoming highly entertained by this media source as it gives them the feeling of being part of the game. Most children who play video games, are deeply concentrated, and connect their physical and emotional senses to gain better score results. Video games have become one of the most popular media sources in children, which has caused several effects in them. The ‘realistic” virtual playing, enables the children to gain better understanding of the message that the game is trying to convey. The vast majority of video games in todays society contain extremely violent and graphic content. The biggest issue with this right now, is that most of the best selling and popular video games among children are the aggressive ones. Video games are increasing the negative behavior in children as, many of the video games involve repetitive acts of violence in them. Repetition in children can be learned and the behavior is adopted, becoming part of their

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