Mediaviolence. Org: The Impact Of Violent Video Games

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In an intense visual provided by, it shows a blonde headed young boy around the age of twelve years old playing a video game. At the top of the graphic it states “, The Top Games of 2011 Include”, suggesting the idea of this illustration is pertaining to connecting violence to video games. The picture also has in the top left hand corner “according to CNBC, the top games of 2011 include: Rage, Bulletstorm, Max Payne, Twisted Metal, and Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution.” By adding the list of the top 2011 games it makes the audience think and make connections toward the image and what game might this child be playing. The names of the games listed also suggest that they are violent because of the words: rage, storm, twisted, and human revolution. Thus, promoting the idea that he is playing a violent game and he may very well be influenced by it because of his high concentrated eyes fixed on the game. This helps and hinders the claim trying to be made here because it reveals the hidden message right away to the viewer, but also makes the viewer either agree or disagree. Mediaviolence employs different strategies to present the argument being made about the impact of violent video games by using close ups, texts, …show more content…
In Jessica Robbins essay she states, “video games today are more graphic and violent than they were a few years ago. There is a concern about children being influenced by the content of some of these video games” (69). Such as in the game Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution, Mediaviolence mentioned, it is about how a man is doing whatever it takes to overthrow his government. Promoting the perception of violence is the way to handle problems and to do anything to get one 's way. Once again, these games are sending mixed signals of morals and how to go about solving

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