Advantages And Disadvantages Of Violent Video Games Safe To Play

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Are Violent Video Games Safe to Play?

Violent video games have a negative effect on our community both children and adults. Over a period of time violent video games can influence people to become more aggressive. After playing for long periods of time day-after-day, they can become an addiction. Addiction symptoms may include a common characteristic we see in teenagers today, social awkwardness (social isolation). This research paper will help inform our community of the dangers and the disadvantages of play violent video games.
Children are becoming more aggressive from the influence of violent video games. Video games are affecting 90 percent of children in the United States. They are spending up to 13 hours or more per week (CNN).
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Huesman, director of the research center for Group Dynamics at the University of Michigan’s institute for research in Ann Arbor, states that when people are exposed to the violence in the video games day-after-day people begin to grow numb to the emotional impact. Huesman also states that with this kind of exposure it makes it a lot easier to become more violent because it no longer affects you (CNN). Children are still in a big learning stage in their life and they can get mixed up between reality and fantasy. Violent video games can act as a teacher. On their game they will be doing the violence and harm, and then they are rewarded for their actions. If they play their game consistently it would easily get mixed up with their reality. They would repeat what they did in their games. That has been proven to be true because the level of violent acts by children has risen as well as the violent video games. Researchers believe that the media and violent video games are the culprits behind this phenomenon. Children are acting out the scenes they have seen on their games; they will also …show more content…
These games are action packed and filled with adventure. They serve as a pastime for children and adults. People are wasting long periods of their time on these games, and it isn’t a secret, it is noticed. These violent video games are harming people’s lives in a way they may not recognize it. These violent video games are affecting the physiology of their brains and how they are functioning. Dr. Michael Fraser stated that video games affect some parts of the brain that make people keep coming back (Miller). A video game addiction is an impulse control disorder, there are is no intoxications involved. It can be compared to an addiction to gambling. Violent video games are accepted by our communities. Parents are getting more involved with their children 's video games. Parents are playing the games with their children as well as talking more about the game itself when playing and when not playing. Children can easily become confused with fantasy and reality, but so can adults (PAH). Like all addictions, individuals who have an addition to video games connect with their online friends. They can become more emotionally connected to their online friends and want to play with them. These online friends are usually people that they have never met, and they would rather spend more time with them than their friends that they actually know (Our Mission). The next thought that

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