Why Do Violent Video Games Affect Children?

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Nowadays, children are seen as more violent. They are usually jumping and running around, there are times where things do get out of hand and eventually next thing you know, the child has hurt someone. They either hit or scratched someone they do not know. These children are described as crazy, annoying, and mean. Children are becoming more aggressive and have difficulty distinguishing the reality from fantasy by playing violent video games, however, others think otherwise.
Children get aggressive when playing violent video games because that is what they are being taught in those types of video games. According to the researchers who wrote in the Educational Media International, exposure to violence in video games may influence the development
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The children find a character they like to play with the most and can begin to think they are inside the game and not outside with the real world. According to Jane Katch, young children often have difficulty separating fantasy from reality when they are playing and can temporarily believe they are the character they are pretending to be. Younger children have a difficulty trying to figure out what is real and what is not because their minds are barely developing, and, as they grow they learn more but since these video games are teaching them violence, they believe only violence can help them get what they want. Everyone thinks differently so others say that these things are not true and can, in fact, make children calm and relaxed.
Others will say that violent video games do not make children more violent. The children who are nice do not play these video games often and because of this, they do not see violence as a solution, in fact, they see it as a threat. The ones who play these video games see violence as something they can have fun with, do to the fact that in these video games it does not matter who or what you

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