Women Vs Women In Video Games

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“Video Games are no longer seen as strictly toys for kids” (Lofgren 2015). Video gaming has gotten increasingly popular over the decades. From sporting games to computer battle games, the need to play these has been more revealed by adults rather than children. The majority of the players are males from around the age of 18 to 35, and of these players 56% are males (Essential Facts 2015). The overall average age for a game player is 31(Lofgren 2015). That stat has increased 1 year than the previous year in the Big Fish Game Stats Database, and it is believed to have that increase simply because of the aging of gamers. The evolution of gaming has taken the industry to a whole new level. From shapes floating back and fourth on seemingly blank …show more content…
Anita Sarkeesiain, publisher of the “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Vlog”, believes that women are being poorly disrespected and recognized. She addresses how storytelling uses violence and rape against women as wallpaper to appeal to the male eye (Narcisse 2014). Casual cruelty is most prone to happening to women put in these positions in games. If you are a woman in a side mission, especially as a prostitute, something most likely bad is going to take place; just an example of how screwed up the gaming world is (Narcisse 2014). This particular problem should be able to be affiliated with the minority issue at hand in the gaming industry. Together in one program, gamers and developers could learn how to make more of an effort to display diversity among characters in a storyline, or even the theme of a game. This would allow many people to build there experience and have a good review of more games than not. Women should be able to be main characters, and of a different race other than black and white. Developers should allow you to fully take control of the character you aspire to play with. When the demographic changes, so will revenue and

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