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  • Collective Bargaining Essay

    The employee’s interest is represented at a trade union where the employee belongs by representatives. These negotiations usually amount to collective agreements such as working hours, set out wage scales, health, training and safety. Negotiation occurs between the union and a single employer or a group of businesses depending on the country to reach an industry wide agreement. This agreement functions like a labor contract between representatives of a union and employers in respect to terms and…

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  • Knights Of Labor Essay

    majority of labor unions in the United States have historically belonged to, but this has not been without frequent contestation. Compare and contrast the AFL and 3 different competing labor organizations that we have discussed in class, including a discussion on leadership, policies, and organizing strategies (such as business unionism vs. social unionism). Use specific examples and cite your sources. It’s no secret that the American Federation of Labor(AFL) is has been the dominant Union has…

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  • Labour Law Pros And Cons

    Labor law deals with the regulations in the work place and the pros and cons of unions in the workplace. Labor laws were put in place to protect the employees and to set the rules and regulations in the workplace between employers and employees. The Family Leave Act of 1993 (FLMA) was enacted by the Federal Government and put in place to guarantee employees up to 12 unpaid weeks of leave for medical and family emergencies. For example if an employee gets sick and needs to take some time off of…

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  • Why Is Collective Bargaining Important?

    Collective bargaining agreements, negotiations, and grievances are a must for organizations because they give employees the opportunity to have a voice in the workplace. Additionally, when the procedures are uniform, it ensures that these items are handled in the same manner from one employee to the next. Without procedures in place, any number of potential problems are possible, these may include, an increase in absenteeism, increased leave due to stress and low morale within the workplace.…

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  • The Ethical Violation Of Unions

    Unions exist in almost every industry from manufacturing and construction to banking and government. Their objective is to represent workers by acting as a bridge between management and employees. Among other important issues, unions facilitate negotiations for increased wages, benefits, and improved working conditions. While a union’s historical purpose is to offer redress for employer violations of employees’ civil liberties and moral rights the tactics that unions have taken in doing so also…

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  • The Roman Empire: The Globalization Of Business

    Fair trade is an issue that is causing headache to some of the fashion and sporting goods manufacturers2, 3. The standards of fair trade is based on values of industrialized nations, to grant the less privileged the same rights and conditions to protect them. Sweat shops are obviously illegal in the United States, but it…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Picketing

    What is picketing? Picketing is where unions inform the public about a company dispute. Picketing is aimed at influencing and persuade people not to engage in any business transaction with the employer. Also, picketing is one the main activities that union movements do. Fossum states, picketing aims to deter union members from working. Picketing can last for a long time due to employees being upset with their employers on the matter of employment grievance (pg.420-421). Strikes occur when…

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  • The Importance Of Self-Help In The United States

    Self- help was pretty much something that worked like this, the benefit of the group over the benefit of the individual. You may have heard of the saying, “ If you scratch my back I will scratch yours” and this was precisely what self-help was, a trade off. Still not really making sense? Here is an example, fisherman in Seattle began to exchange their fish to farmers who…

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  • Ethics In Labor Unions

    The Ethics of Labor Unions in the U.S. Labor Unions were formed to fight for the rights of workers. In the U.S. labor unions helped to establish child labor laws, enacted a 5 day work week, health insurance and pensions. They also fought for fair wages. Originally the labor unions of the 1800’s were mostly for craft guilds. They helped to establish workplace standards. With the industrial revolution, these guilds saw factories as a threat to their livelihood. “Unions were formed by these…

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  • Causes Of The Winnipeg General Strike

    resulted in a crippling of retail trade in Winnipeg, and trains were stopped. Impressively, even public-sector (governmental) employees such as telephone operators, firemen, postal workers, and policemen joined the workers of the private-sector, displaying unity and solidarity among all Winnipeggers. Inevitably, there would be opposition to the strike. However, the opposition, ‘the Citizens’ Committee of 1000’, only consisted of 3% of citizens compared to the One Big Union (created by the…

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