Family Friendly Policy Case Study

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Article 1 This article looks at how work family friendly policies influence job satisfaction. Work family enrichment is defined as the extent to which family enriches performance in another function such as work. Work enrichment is improvement in an individual’s performance based on resources obtained from another situation. An especially important and influential work family friendly policy is job flexibility.
Work flexibility is where both the management and employees needs are met by making negotiations and is a symbiotic relationship. Work flexibility is especially helpful and important to non traditional workers for example women, disabled students, the elderly, students and fathers with family responsibilities, who might find it hard to adjust their rigid schedule to the rigid schedules of their employers and jobs. Flexibility at work may be in terms of location, time, and how the employee works. An employee can choose to work from home or the office, the employee can choose the times they work and at what pace they will work as long as they meet the deadlines and produce quality work.
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This is due to the fact that the employees can deal with family and work responsibilities more easily due to the absence of strict schedules and rules. Family friendly policies create a sense of security in the employee that the management cares about their welfare and needs and therefore, they are more inclined to give their best and be loyal to the business due to the fact that they feel trusted and respected and that they have a say in the policies. This is due to the social exchange theory where feelings of support increases positive attitude toward the business and promotes creativity and an obligation to give extra effort to appreciate the benefits

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