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  • Employment Relationship Essay

    parties. Table showing the different responsibilities that apply between the employer and employee. Employer Employee Employers have the right to form and to also join employer’s organization. Employees have the right to form and also to join trade unions to ensure fair labour practices. Employers have the right to take part in activities…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Collective Bargaining

    whereby the wages and conditions of employment of workmen are settled though a bargain between the employer and the workmen collectively whether represented through their union or by some of them on behalf of all of them. Ludwing Teller has defined collective bargaining as “an agreement of employers on the one had labour union on the other hand which regulates the terms and conditions of employment.20 The Encyclopedia Britannica 21 defines that collective bargaining is a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Labor Unions

    Labor unions are an alternative employment method and have been controversial since the beginning. A labor union is a group of workers that form together creating a union and make sure that fair working conditions are set and that employment regulations are met and not broken. Unions are a way for the working class to be heard by big business. Union supporters argue that individual workers are powerless against large businesses and corporations. In order to achieve fair wages and benefits,…

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  • Fair, Equal Pay, Not So Fair And Equal

    and Equal Pay, Not So Fair and Equal Labor Unions seem like a decaying memory; over the past few years, numbers of membership of unions have dropped to a low 11.1 percent in 2015, while membership in 1983 was at 20.1%. (“Union Members Summary”) The drop-in numbers seem to be related to economic issues like the recession in December of 2007(“By comparison”). Or could it be that workers are sick of equal pay for all employees? People that belong to unions, seem tired of going to work, doing their…

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  • Labor Unions During The 1920's

    Union jobs were once the backbone of our workforce. Many different trades offered employees the opportunity to join unions, ensuring that these employees received the highest wages, the best benefits and safe working conditions. With more and more jobs being outsources overseas and the Baby Boomer generation retiring, the amount of people joining the unions has decreased. In order for unions to survive, they are going to have to change the way today’s generation sees them, to bring new life back…

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  • Importance Of Strike

    during the Industrial Revolution, and were then performed by workers who labored in mines and by factory workers. Strikes have to be performed under the authority of Labor Unions. In order to have a legal strike workers must have a union which is an organisation that collectively bargains with employer on behalf of the employee. Unions are formed when employees are rendered powerless in comparison to the employers.…

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  • Union Representative Self Reflection

    Self Reflection Union Representative The union representative role was challenging as I have often found myself aligned with the role and position of non-union. This position encouraged me to be more open-minded in my approach and thinking, forcing me to truly consider the options and impact on the garbage collector 's work environment and corresponding pay position. Although the 17% increase request is still exorbitant, it worked well as a negotiation point to get a strong but fair return,…

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  • Family Friendly Policy Case Study

    Article 1 This article looks at how work family friendly policies influence job satisfaction. Work family enrichment is defined as the extent to which family enriches performance in another function such as work. Work enrichment is improvement in an individual’s performance based on resources obtained from another situation. An especially important and influential work family friendly policy is job flexibility. Work flexibility is where both the management and employees needs are met by…

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  • Adam Locke, David Hume, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx

    The field of industrial relations is fraught with endless contestations between and among parties. Adewunmi (2008) observed that there is no other area of social interaction where the contradictions in a class society are as manifest as in the field of industrial relations. This is the locale where the two major players in the production process- labour and capital are engaged in an endless struggle to control the work process. Central to this conception is power and continuous struggle for…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Labor Unions

    most instances, laborers do not have the required authority. Instead, they delegate most of their powers to other institutions including labor unions. Besides, labor unions have the duty to represent needs and interests of its members to the relevant institutions. Labor unions also represent their members in formal negotiations with their employees. Labor unions also help in the formulation of collective barging agreements on behalf of their members. So far, scholars have identified notable…

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