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  • Medication Reconciliation Essay

    Successful transition to home is multifaceted and depends partially on an accurate and complete overview of all medications with the patient. This is an imperative safety measure across the continuum of care (Ruggiero, Smith, Copeland, Boxer, 2015). In 2005 The Joint Commission established medication reconciliation as National Patient Safety Goal 8 in an attempt…

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  • The Role Of Smart Huge Technology In Healthcare

    Therefore, the introduction of technology aimed at reducing demand on nurses and increasing the amount of time the nurse can spend with patients will provide a more manageable workload and contribute to increased safety and improved patient care. Utilizing Technology to Promote Safety…

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  • Reflective Essay: Political Action And The Civil Rights Movement

    verified that no vehicles were approaching. Sadly, the safety measures in place at the crosswalk made no difference and a serious accident occurred which severely changed her life and the life of our family. The accident made me feel helpless and angry, with the feeling that I had no recourse. So when a political action assignment was given for this class, it immediately struck me…

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  • The Importance Of Adventure Tourism In New Zealand

    travel the long distance to New Zealand to experience its culture and countless adventure activities located all around the country. However, the adventure tourism industry has more recently had negative publicity for New Zealand’s risk management and safety measures caused by numerous accidents had by travellers in certain adventure activities (Salla, 2014). This report will define what adventure tourism is, how it is relevant in New Zealand, discuss the lack of…

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  • Laboratory Safety Culture

    The Chemical Safety Board (CSB), who responds to only the most serious chemical related accidents, has reported 120 laboratory accidents resulting in 87 evacuations, 96 serious injuries and three deaths since 2001 (Mulcahy, Young, Gibson, Hildreth, Ashbrook, Izzo & Backus, 2012). Every year thousands of students and faculty working in research laboratories experience the pain and suffering of minor accidents, injuries and illnesses. Hundreds suffer serious injuries and on average one researcher…

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  • Informative Essay On Retail Fireworks

    Fireworks are entertaining to watch but behind this beauty lies powerful forces. Dealing with fireworks is dealing with explosives and you need proper training to ensure you keep yourself and the people enjoying fireworks with you safe. Indeed, certain fireworks are not even available for people without the right qualifications. Fireworks Crazy loves to spread the word of the joy of fireworks. Now, you can take part in our fireworks training courses that will help you develop your skills and…

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  • Case Study Of Front Desk: Security Plan

    Supervisor’s Office & Pine Ridge Ranger District Front Desk - Security Plan I. General Operations – This plan is to guide front desk personnel in the handling of emergency situations that could present a safety threat to them or others in the building. All situations are different and require calm, quick thoughts, and pre-planned emergency responses. • All front desk personnel will receive annual refresher training with practice drills to include radio use, phone use, paging system,…

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  • Bedside Reporting Policy

    or including them in their own plan of care. This way of reporting is becoming a huge safety issue and is leaving enormous room for miscommunication and error. Many hospitals around the world have begun to implement a mandatory bedside reporting policy. This policy is put into play to help the nurses as well as patients become involved in the shift report. This allows more room for open communication and safety checks, as well as patient involvement. Among the vital elements were that the…

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  • Dangers Of Online Safety Essay

    many risks associated with it. It can be easy to overshare information, embarrass yourself and even get messages from creepy people. The issue of online child exploitation by predators has gained a worrying momentum that has brought concern on the safety that children and students have while using the internet. Pedophiles hide behind fake profiles, the anonymity and lack of face to face cues allow them to easily communicate and interact with kids. Predators goes as far…

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  • Private Security Partnerships

    Agreement between the United States of America and the Netherlands Since the September 11, 2001 attack on America, the country has viewed law enforcement and private security partnerships as essential in curbing terrorism and terror-related acts (U.S. Department of Justice, 2005). The government acknowledges that the private sector owns and protects about 85% of the nation 's infrastructure. Therefore, law enforcement agencies believe that private security partnerships are essential as they put…

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