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  • Fire Alarm System Essay

    impending danger, hence giving them the opportunity to vacate the house or stay safe. An alarm system monitors several security and fire triggers and then alerts the home owner and authorities whenever there is an issue. This not only increases the safety and peace of mind for the occupants, but also helps in protecting the property from fire damage or theft. Home owners with alarm systems usually enjoy discounts of between 10 and 20 % on insurance covers. In fact, some insurance companies…

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  • Cat Restraining Essay

    In case of indications of an attack is evident one should execute restraining properly. Restraining is important to avoid an animal to escape or hurt himself or others. With the use of proper restraining techniques such as leashing and caging you may prevent accidents such as bite or scratch. At some cases pets can even attack their owners, restraining is also a way to protect yourself from an aggressive attempt (Whitney, 1954). Mishandling in confining a pet may lead to scratches and bites that…

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  • Ethical Apparel Industry

    for its citizens while increasing its export earnings. Foreign firms have seized the opportunity to take advantage of cheap and abundant workforce and lower costs. However there have been many instances where companies have neglected the health and safety standards of its workers. This neglected caught up with many companies in which 1100 people lost there life when a building collapsed in Dhaka which produced garments for many international companies. After this incident, there have been…

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  • Tacking A Horse

    While all the steps involved in tacking up a horse are important. there are two processes that should be given special attention to detail. Checking over the equipment being used and properly securing the girth are vital parts of ensuring a safe ride. One of the most important steps when tacking up a horse is to check all the tack, or equipment, to make sure nothing is ripped, broken or out of place. This is a commonly skipped process because it can become very tedious. Making sure there are…

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  • Assignment 306 Health And Safety Case Study

    Obstruction of emergency exits/entrance Limited access/ egress Remove the wood and arrange in storage bins to eliminate hazards Multiple emergency exits should be available that are well marked and easily accessible. These exits should lead people away from hazard. Inappropriate door and the Height of dead bolt lock Limited access/ egress in case of emergency Install a push/ horizontal panic bar, emergency doors should open in the direction of escape and emergency doors should not be locked…

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  • Summary: Complying With Statutory Regulations

    Complying With Statutory Regulations And Organisational Safety Requirements Describe the roles and responsibilities of themselves and others under the Health and Safety at Work Act and other current legislation(such as The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, Workplace Health and Safety and Welfare Regulations, Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, Manual Handling Operations Regulations, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, Display Screen at Work…

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  • Electrical Outlet Safety

    3 Tips For Electrical Outlet Safety In Your Home You use the electrical outlets in your home so often that you probably take them for granted and forget how dangerous they can be. Unsafe outlets are a common cause of house fires and electrical shocks. You can reduce the risk of problems with your outlets by updating them and monitoring them for problems. Here are some safety tips that might help. Use An Outlet Tester You can buy an outlet tester for a few dollars at a hardware store and use…

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  • 1.3 Health And Safety Essay

    1.3 Analyse health and safety priorities that are important in the respite care home. In the respite home, there are priorities to be set by Mr John on the health and safety in the workplace. This will reduce the conflicts which may developed in the implementation of the health and safety procedures. The priorities in the health and safety needed in the respite care home include; Falls from height: this is another aspect on health and safety which has to be given priority. The structure use for…

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  • Good Housekeeping Essay

    workplace to protect the safety of others. • Eating areas should be kept a sufficient distance from the workplace and and must have adequate space. • The eating area should also be cleaned after use. • All lights in the workplace must be all in fully working condition. Damaged and dirty lights reduce light…

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  • Workplace Stress Practices

    4.0 RECOMMENDATION ON APPLICATION OF HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICES Both management and employees are responsible to reduce workplace stress. Firstly, be fair to employees especially those who work on shifts. Hence, line manager is responsible to come out with flexible yet efficient duty rosters. For example, employees can leave earlier than the actual working hours to settle their matters if there are any emergency cases. But, this must make sure that their job tasks are not be…

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